Sunday, May 10, 2009

A guide to using Crystals by Aeva

Many people have asked me "How do the Crystals work"? "DO they work"?? Well,...after 30 years of researching Crystals and Toning..this is only the beginning of what I have learned. It's just my OWN take on this of course, and this information is based on my own experiences using them with hundreds of clients and myself. It is well documented that each Hue-Man Be-ing is a Holographic Rainbow. But, did you know that Your God Presence resides in 5D and your body in 3D? or, that your Spirit, (or God Presence), sends down its white Light from 5D (where Spirit resides) into 3D (where FORM exists)? When this happens, the Light condenses or MATERializes, (by the Laws of Earths Physics), into your Hue-man Hologram. Yep,...that's right!! Each of us is really a Hologrammatic Rainbow in a form. Your Electrical System (which resembles a huge egg surrounding you) is anchored to your form with 7 whirling energy centers. These are called Chakras. Each Chakra vibrates with one of the COLORS or TONES of the Rainbow. Your Electrical Body is aligned with your Spirit (or NOT aligned,... it's your CHOICE) with Grids, Templates, Nadis and Axiotonal Meridiens. If you CHOOSE to MIS-align with your Spirit (after all this IS a Free Will experiment on Earth), these Grids and Templates Shift. This mis-alignment eventually grounds itself into the Hue-man Hologram (that's your body) and creates what we call DIS-ease. Now, as to how the Crystals work to produce alignment. Every Crystal has its own unique shape (which refracts the light in different ways), its own Color (which decides the frequency or band of Light it coincides with), its own records (etchings and marks on the inside and outside of the stone (some of which only come up in the presence of a particular person who can perceive them.)), and its own magnetic frequency. And, seeing as there are hundreds of might take a bit to learn about ALL of them. Just start with the ones you are very drawn to. Spirit knows best. So,... now that you HAVE all these stones, what are you supposed to DO with them anyway?? Well, can start by arranging them on the floor (or under your treatment table) in Sacred Geometric Patterns (6 sided stars, 8 sided stars, Pentacles) whatever YOUR Spirit draws YOU to do. The combinations and set ups are infinite, as you can lay one over another. When arranged (for best results use after they have set up for 24 hours), they create pulsating Mandalas of Light. NOW what do you do? You sit over the grid in a chair, or lay inside/above the grid. As you do, the Magnetic lines created by the Crystals gently align you with All-That-Is. When you are in alignment with your God Presence, your whole body starts to vibrate or pulse (you feel like you are humming inside). This feeling of vibrating is the Unconditional Love/Light Energy from your Spirit. It is very relaxing. You might ask what the other effects of the Crystals are? What about the part they play in Spiritual growth?? Well, vibrating at a higher strata of Light, starts the release of lower vibrational energies out of the Hue-man Hologram. These blockages, or lower vibrational energies, are ALWAYS released into the LIGHT. When you start to release them, just allow them to come to the surface..TRUST that what you are feeling will pass quickly. If you are releasing Confusion, you may feel Confused. If you're releasing Anger, you may feel Angry. This is normal. To RELEASE have to FEEL it,...or EXpress it. Let your I AM Presence guide you thru it. You'll be fine! Part of achieving "Consciousness" is the release of lower vibrational energies and doing it CONSCIOUSLY! You have to FEEL them as they are being released. This is where your Crystal Jewelry comes in handy. The Crystals create a Mandala of Light around you, (like a treatment TO GO). They also change the energies you are putting out. When a certain vibratory rate is achieved (this is decided by your Spirit), the veil of the 3rd eye starts to lift. This allows you to see yourself as you REALLY are...a "Co Creator of Heaven on Earth". Crystals also "tune you up" to receiving information & instruction from your OWN "I AM" or "GOD PRESENCE". Its sort of like tuning into your Spirits own radio Channel. Don't be discouraged if it takes awhile. Sometimes you have to play with the fine tuning to get the CHANNEL to come in clearly. Then, we come to the issue of Toning, AND if its useful in conjunction with Crystals. Toning is the use of the Throat Chakra (The Hue-man Voice) to vibrate your Hue-man Hologram at a higher and higher frequency of Light. It is very powerful with or without Crystals. When used WITH Crystals, the vibration coming from your God Presence, (thru your Throat Chakra), changes the vibration of the Crystals and accelerates your alignment with All That Is. As the Tones change, the Crystal Mandalas undulate in an ever changing dance of Light around you. Toning works just as well without Crystals though. Toning fifteen to twenty minutes a day produces very dramatic changes in vibration, and quickly. People used to tell me they felt odd just making Tones or humming, sitting there all by themselves. Its one of the reasons my husband Evon and I went into the studio and created the 3 Tonal/Sound Meditation CDs (theres more to come). Set for International distribution, these 3 Sound Meditation CDs are called "Ecstasy is a Frequency", "AngelTones" and "Sacred Chants and Tones" (that's the one used during Color and Sound Attunements with Aeva). Hey, what do you have to loose...try it for a week and see what happens. I DARE ya lol! You can purchase the CDS directly from the Artists for now at That's our E Bay Webstore. Remember to "Be the Color...Be the Sound". Love, Aeva (*PS the necklace shown is of rough Emeralds, Green Garnets and Shells. Emeralds are a stone for Sages. They make you feel more communicative. They also soften arrogance and self deprication. Green Garnets are for increased productivity and havingness. The Green Shell helps with survival issues of any kind.)

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