Friday, May 1, 2009

How the Color or Vibration RED effects you!

So, How does the color RED effect our Hue-Man Hologram/Body? RED is the color of the bottom or base energy center, or chakra. It stimulates the senses: hearing, sight, touch, taste and smell. It is a liver builder and stimulant. It stimulates the production of hemoglobin and platelets. The color RED causes rapid expulsion of debris THRU the skin; and may induce redness, itching and pimples...UNTIL the cleansing is completed. It is used as a counter-agent for burns from X-rays, Ultraviolet light etc. It is the "Seat of Hue-man Will" and creativity. Exposure to this color dissolves fears, worries and depression. It is a Sexual stimulant, and helps overcome impotance, frigidity and the loss of desire. The Root or Base chakra, is opposite the very bottom of the spine...and is governed by the color RED. It governs our Earthly life and creates an outgoing, positive and "yes to life" attitude. It is very important that the Root chakra be firmly grounded to the Earth. ALL goals that were never accomplished, are usually caused by lack of RED energy. To start understanding RED energy, you need to plant your feet firmly on the ground. You must look at yourself, and others, with love. The strongest RED energy is the power of reproduction. This is probably the RED energy we are most familiar with. The warm RED sexual energy sets the Root chakra spinning. The vibrations increase, as the energy moves toward the Heart and Throat chakras, and finally gives up the Yin/Yang balance-the mutual dependance and belonging, in THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS. RED energy is the power that provides creative energy on all levels. Everything that is to be commenced, all pioneering work, needs the life vitality of RED. PHYSICALLY...the RED ENERGY energizes the feet, the legs, the vagina, the urinary organs and the adrenal glands. MENTALLY...the RED ENERGY gives power to the strong life qualities of courage, self confidence, positive love and will power. RED well as clothing, red foods or should remember to strive for balance. This energy should NOT be overused. This is the energy you need to help the others function, in accordance with each other. The key here is BALANCE. The POSITIVE SIDE OF RED...courageous, strong willed, spontaneous, honest, grateful, forgiving, humanistic, extroverted. The NEGATIVE SIDE OF RED...domineering, arrogant, self-pitying, self-indulgent, quick tempered, impolite, passionate and brutal. RED energy MAY HELP...when you feel tired or indisposed, you are cold, starting a cold, you are anemic, you need courage and self-confidence, you need the warmth that increases you vital energies. You SHOULD NOT USE RED... when you are E-motionally out of whack, you are angry or excited, you have infections or wounds. About RED BATHS... on the should be cautious with RED baths. Take PINK ONES instead... more soothing. Small children should not get RED baths. However, difficult or restless children will benefit greatly by a ROSE or PINK bath. Children radiate the color ROSE from birth...the energy of kindness and love. It is at puberty that the color changes to RED. RED ESSENTIAL OILS for RED BATHS...Ylang Ylang is said to lower the blood pressure, calm the Heart and is altogether relaxing. It is a great oil for alleviating fears. It is sexually stimulating. Add 5 to 6 drops of fine, pure essential oil to a bath. RED AFFIRMATION..."let the RED ENERGY of the Mother...the MA Ray...flow thru me with new life and the courage to do everything I wish to do". RED TIPS...RED is a good color for playrooms. It increases excitement and physical activity. It also increases passion. RED at the work place especially where risk handling takes NOT ADVISED. Accidents may occur when RED is in the picture. RED should not be used where peace and concentration should prevail. RED CLOTHING...with RED we show a vital and somewhat passionate image of independence. But, it may also come across as too aggressive. RED FOODS...if you want more energy, you may wish to eat foods that are RED. Like...Red cabbage, peppers, meats, cayenne pepper, tomatoes, cherries and red skinned fruits. The ASTROLOGICAL SIGN and PLANET for the color RED...Sign = Aries, Planet = Mars, Tuesday is a RED DAY. RED CRYSTALS...Red Calcite, Ruby, Red Coral, Red Jade, Vanadinite, Red Garnet, Red Amber and Red Tigers Eye. A RED EXPERIMENT...get yourself a RED lightbulb. When it is dark, turn out all the lights in the room. Turn on the RED light and just sit in its glow. Breathe in the RED color.."BE" the RED color. Keep your eyes open and completely immerse yourself in the RED light. Breathe the RED vibration in, slowly and deeply. Do this for about 15 minutes. Journal what your reactions are. Because the Color RED vibrates at a certain equals a specific Sound and/or TONE. Spectro Chrome Color = RED. Equivilent Frequency is 397.3. Music note = G. Music note frequency = 392. The color RED also governs certain elements. REDS ELEMENTS = Cadmium, Hydrogen, Krypton and Neon.

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