Friday, May 1, 2009

All about the Sound Meditation CDs and DVDs for you!

Something about Color and Sound "Sound Meditation" CDs by Aeva. Internationally Acclaimed Researcher, Lecturer, Writer and Color and Sound Practitioner, Aeva Wheet RN has created 3 CDs (so far) to assist you in your quest for energetic balance. The second of these One-Of-A-Kind CDs, (Vol 2) is titled "AngelTones". Toning CDs were created by, and are being sold exclusively by Aeva, on E Bay. "AngelTones" was designed more as a Consciousness raising tool. It's goal is to help you create inner Peace, increased mental clarity, and, to develop deeper states of awareness. It consists of all Vocal Tonations. It is NOT Music...although most find it very harmonic. It is an Attunement CD, meant to vibrate your electrical field at a higher rate. The more in balance your HUE-MAN form is...the more of your Spirit you can connect with. When using these CDs please take the time to do so properly. Unplug the phone, take the dogs out first, make the time to just be "Still". It is in this "Stillness" that God communicates with you. There is a beautiful Essene prayer that says, "Be Still...and know that I AM God". Choose a place that is clear of commotion...a "No Strife Zone" shall we say. Get comfortable and start the CD (earphones are fine). As the CD plays, try and "Become the Sound". If you are drawn to Tone along, the effects are amplified. It's the increase in Vibration that is Key here. It takes about 30 days of Toning to see a dramatic change, but, you will feel the effects the very first time you do it. You can do this with others and children LOVE to Tone. Please do NOT use these CDs in the car. Toning is NOT a learned comes from inside you and is totally natural. These CDs are truely unique and can be shipped anywhere in the world. The cost is $10.00 plus S and H (USA and Canada $4.00, International $5.00) @ If you enjoy "AngelTones", why not check out the other CDs by Aeva. Vol 1 "Ecstasy is a Frequency" and Vol 3 is"Sacred Chants and Tones". Or, check out Aeva's Hour Long, "Made-for-TV" lectures on DVD..."Color and Sound as Healing Modalities" and "Sound Sound Sound". Have fun Toning and Enjoy.....Aeva And remember..."Be the Color...Be the Sound"

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  1. Kathleen’s Cellular Meditations audio CDs engage all the ‘brains’ of the body—in every cell. Practical balancing, visioning & cellular breathing to help normalize biochemical imbalances, reprogram negative patterns, release feel-good endorphins throughout the body, with innovative self-help exercises to improve focus and up the interface between physical, mental, and emotional energies, and complement all other ongoing therapies. Based on physiology and neurochemistry, you are guided on a relaxing journey through the universe of the body, stimulating a calming, natural high. Science now validates the conscious mind’s ability to alter neuro-peptides generated through meditation.