Friday, May 1, 2009

All about the Sound Meditation CDs and DVDs for you!

"Sound Sound Sound" is a made-for-TV, one hour DVD lecture given by Internationally Acclaimed Researcher, Lecturer, Writer and Color and Sound Practitioner, Aeva Wheet RN. This live presentation is a great tool for beginners and advanced students alike. The DVD teaches the many ways that SOUND affects you. Included, are simple, but profound techniques to 1) Stimulate the immune system, 2) Calm the E-Motions (energy motions), 3) Increase Mental clarity, 4) Dramatically reduce stress and 5) Raise your consiousncess level. Also included, why most Spiritual Practices contain some type of Music, Chanting or Singing, PLUS Sound techniques of the Ancient Mystery Schools ( Enochian, Egyptian, Druidic, Gnostic and Essene ). Aeva shares the "6 Secret Sounds" of the Oriental Masters for Inner Balance and the use of "Sacred Harp Music" ( vocal tonations used by some Sects to attain ecstatic states ). There is also info on "Tuning up with Tuning Forks", the use of Sound with Crystals, and much much more. This one-of-a-kind presentation can be shipped Internationally for $20.00 plus S and H. USA and Canada $4.00/other $5.00. This DVD is one of 2 lectures offered by Aeva @ The other is entitled Color and Sound as Healing Modalities. For those of you who don't need the lecture, who just wish to BECOME THE COLOR and BECOME THE SOUND...check out the 3 Toning and Chanting CD's Aeva has to offer. Vol 1 Ecstasy is a Frequency, Vol 2 AngelTones, and Vol 3 Sacred Chants and Tones. Remember to "Be the Color....Be the Sound"...Aeva

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