Friday, May 1, 2009

How the Color or Vibration Orange effects you!

ORANGE is the color of the second energy center. It is located right over the Bladder. Another name for the ORANGE energy center is the Splenic chakra. It is a Lung and Respiratory stimulant and, acts as a decongestant. It builds and stimulates the Thyroid, while supressing the Parathyroid. It relieves cramps and muscle spasms. ORANGE will stimulate the breasts to increase milk porduction. It builds bone density and stimulates tissue growth. it is the Color of joy, and energy and the love of companionship. It will restore a lost appetite. It helps to relieve gas, convulsions, spastic colon and intestinal problems. One of its best uses, is for the relief of severe menstrual cramps. ORANGE is also the combination of RED and YELLOW, so, it stimulates these chakras as well. People who like the color ORANGE, "love life". Many people do not like the color ORANGE, but, like it or not, we all NEED it. ORANGE is the best stimulant and help in times of depression, lonliness and boredom. On the whole, ORANGE is the best E-motional stimulant in color therapy. Real joy, comes from deep within. We all NEED joy. The color ORANGE helps to fascilitate the ex-pression of joy. The color ORANGE gets "the love energies" from the RED and "the wisdom energies" from the YELLOW. It strengthens your confidence and independence. "A sound mind is a sound body", is an expression that fits the ORANGE color. Balance is important the misuse of food, stimulants of any form, all luxury, belongs under the reign of the domain of the ORANGE or Splenic chakra. Extreme asceticism: be it in food, sex, or sport activities, shows a chakra very out of balance. Vegetarians, for instance, need ORANGE energy. After all, if we were not meant to eat clean, organic meats: why would we be able to digest them" How the color ORANGE effects you: PHYSICALLY...the Splenic chakra gives energy to the bronchia, chest dis-eases, disturbances in the Spleen, Kidney ailments and Gallstone problems. It increases the intake of O2, helps your lungs and releases flatulance. MENTALLY...the Splenic chakra gives energy to remove supression and inhibitions. It helps expand ones horizons and create new ideas. Like the RED energy, ORANGE gives the power and courage to tackle everyday situations. In using ORANGE, one can learn to understand how the stomach tells us about our situation. The Stomach often gives us the first warning that something is wrong, for instance in an infection. If our Splenic chakra is in balance, we are able to enjoy our existance-take life as it is, without asking for more than we can handle. Children often have fine ORANGE energy. They have the energy to enjoy life spontaneously, and enjoy their play. If you have to much RED in the ORANGE, you become angry and inconsiderate. Too much YELLOW, you become quarrelous and impossible to live with. You may have a "nervous stomach" if you cannot control your feelings. If there is an excess of ORANGE, you become easily affected by what other people think, or feel, or mean. You forget to be yourself in a wish to satisfy others. The ORANGE energy center houses the OLD E-Motions we have not dealt with....or have dealt with badly. The ORANGE light therapy brings them up for you to gently move and ex-press. The POSITIVE SIDE of ORANGE, enthusiasm, independent, sociable, fond of food, energetic, sporty, occupied with good health, self assured and constructive. The NEGATIVE SIDE of ORANGE ...proud, destructive, let OTHER PEOPLE clear things up, exhibitionist, bulimia, and misuse of alcohol. ORANGE ENERGY MAY HELP WHEN... you have chronic exzema, you have skin problems, you want to increase your appetite, you have vertical grooves in you nails, you need to bring out YOUR JOY, you need to have a feeling of well being, you lack a working SPIRIT, you have asthma or allergies. When you need a refreshing start to your day... take an ORANGE bath. About ORANGE BATHS... apricot is a wonderful color that refreshes you and makes you happy. Add less ORANGE color to the bath and you get apricot. ESSENTIAL OILS for ORANGE energy... melissa oil (the pure stuff is very pricey and difficult to get), strengthens the nerves when you have depression, melancholy, nervous heartbeats, headaches and migraines. If you wish an effective ORANGE bath, add 5 drops melissa, then add 1 drop of chamomile oil and 3 drops of lavendar have a wonderful relaxing bath. Another good aromatic oil is juniper. It cleanses the skin, good for psoriasis and exzema, and helps with greasy and acne skin types. It is also good for when you are worried, tired or weak. An ORANGE AFFIRMATION... "I am alive and well,.. with happiness and vitalilty flowing thru me continuously. I am willing to feel my old feelings and finally cherish them." ORANGE TIPS...when the color ORANGE is used in a room, it will create physical energy from the active vibrations of the RED, and Intellectual energy from the vibrations of the YELLOW. ORANGE is great for a room where family and friends gather. It is good in a room where you are going to read and study. ORANGE energizes creative spontaneous ideas. Too much ORANGE may cause self-pity. ORANGE CLOTHING... with ORANGE clothing, you express sincere joy and interest in others. ORANGE FOODS... oranges, apricots, peaches, melons, mangos, carrots and mandarin oranges. The ASTROLOGICAL SIGN and PLANET for ORANGE...RED/ORANGE sign = Taurus, the planet is Venus. YELLOW/ORANGE sign = Cancer, the planet is the Moon. ORANGE sign = Gemini, the planet is Mercury. Wednesday is an ORANGE DAY. ORANGE CRYSTAL...Orpiment, Cuprite, Dolomite, Orange Sapphires and Orange Jade. Why not try an ORANGE experiment. Get an ORANGE bulb. Wait till its very dark out and turn off all the lights. Turn on the ORANGE bulb and just sit and breathe in the ORANGE LIGHT for 10 to 15 minutes. Feel the ORANGE light come into your body, breathe slowly and calmly. Journal the effects of same. Spectro Chrome color =ORANGE. Equivalent frequency = 430.8. Orange corresponds to the musical note A. Its musical note frequency is 392. The Elements that ORANGE predominates over are... Aluminum, Copper, Antimony, Helium, Arsenic, Selenium, Boron, Silicon, Calcium and Xenon. Remember.... "Be the Color...Be the Sound"... Aeva

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