Friday, May 1, 2009

How the Color or Vibration Yellow effects you!

Yellow is the color of the third chakra. It is located at the Navel, and controls the Pancreas. Yellow is the color of the mind, intelligence and the intellect of man. Yellow is the color of studying and learning. It represents brightness, newness and open mindedness. The color Yellow inspires new thoughts. It is a stimulant for the Nervous system and is recommended for cases of stroke or paralysis. Yellow stimulates the heart, liver and gallbladder. It is also very useful for stomach disorders. This is the color most effective in cases of constipation and intestinal disorders. it stimulates the pancreas, intestines and the production of digestive fluids (like bile and hydrochloric acid). Yellow depresses the spleen, while stimulating the lymphatic system. It is the color of choice for cases of Diabetes. Golden Yellow energy is related to wisdom,...wisdom in thoughts, words and deeds. The Solar Plexus chakra is often called the Brain of the Nervous system and is the "most critical point" of all vitalization points in the Hue-man body. When we are stressed for instance, we eat too much, or cannot stand the sight of food at all. If your Solar Plexus is in balance, you should not suffer from gall stones, ulcers, catarrh of the large intestine, or Diabetes. These dis-eases show that there are problems controlling your feelings, or, in having them at all. A well balanced Solar Plexus chakra shows a person who is spontaneous and open, who can laugh or cry, be nervous or afraid; a person who can be him or herself in all stiuations or moods. People might then say that this person is "Not in Harmony",...but, it is more important to be oneself....NOT to control oneself to the extent of appearing to be another type of person. You should be happy being the person that you are...and always strive towards balance. If too much Red is introduced into the Yellow, one may lean to a more than healthy interest in money, possessing property, and security. If too much Orange is introduced into the Yellow, there may be excessive interest in sex, food and drugs. These are usually the trials here on Earth, but, if we are able to balance ourselves in this respect, we have come quite far in our evolution. Yellow effects PHYSICALLY...Yellow sends good energy to aid in digestion, constipation, flatulance in the intestines, Liver problems, Diabetes and skin problems. Yellow energy helps cleanse billions of pores in the skin. MENTALLY...Yellow gives clarity of thought. It facilitates good ideas and increases awareness. It has a powerful effect on the Nervous system and it helps left brained operations, such as reading and writing. Yellow stimulates the use of words and imagination. Yellow energy is good for children, as it enhances their ability to perceive and understand. Too much Yellow causes diarrhea and insomnia. Mentally ill people may become very irritated around the color Yellow. This color should not be used in mental institutions. The POSITIVE Side of Yellow...good humored, optimistic, confident, clear thinking, wide horizens. The NEGATIVE side of Yellow...lies, flattery, excesses, pessimistic, sly, cowardly, skeptical. Yellow energy may HELP feel nervous, you are melancholic or a little sad, you have skin dis-eases, you have parasites, you have weight problms (to much OR too little), you are dissatisfied, you have flatulance, you have poor digestion. It is a wonderful Brain stimulant. You should NOT USE Yellow are suffereing from a nervous disorder, or have problems. Yellow BATHS...mix a tiny bit of Green with the Yellow and the bath becomes an active renewer of the whole organism. It helps the body to get rid of toxins. Yellow ESSENTIAL OILS...rosemary is refreshing and may help with the normalization of low blood pressure. It helps with poor memory and stimulates the glands of the Digestive system. It helps to relax cramps connectd with stomach, intestines and gallbladder. Rosemary Oil is very stimulating and should not be used at night time for baths. It you want a powerful and effective bath try 5 drops of Rosemary, 2 drops of Sage, and 1 drop Pine Oil. Another good oil is Bergamot. It is utilized in poor digestion, eczema and insect bites. Yellow AFFIRMATION..."Let the energy of the Son/Sun flow thru me and bring Gods wisdom and love into my body and Spirit". Yellow TIPS...Libraries and Reading rooms functions well in a Yellow color, but, some green and violet will help with concentration. Yellow may be used anywhere in the house where you want pleasant and happy surroundings. It is excellent in a room where you entertain guests. Yellow CLOTHING...with Yellow clothing, you express optimism and self-confidence that attracts other people. Like sunshine, you may display your personality. Your expression is on a mental level. TOO MUCH may become restless and overdo you activities. Yellow FOODS...peppers, grapefruit, corn, melons, bananas, lemons, eggs, olive oil and squash. The ASTROLOGICAL SIGN and PLANET of Yellow...The Astrological sign for Yellow = Leo, Planet = Sun. The energy of Yellow/Green = Virgo, Planet = Mercury. Sunday is a Yellow day. Yellow CRYSTALS...citrine, calcite, jade, pyrite, amber, onyx, sulphur, tigers eye and yellow diamonds. Do the Yellow experiment for yourself. Get a Yellow lightbulb (a bug light will do nicely). Block out all the light (obviously night time is alot easier). Turn on the Yellow light and just breathe in and out slowly. Visualize the Yellow light coming into your body and refreshing you. Do this for 10 to 15 minutes. Then, journal what you have experienced. The Spectro-chrome color is Yellow. It's equivilent frequency is 464.4. The musical note it corresponds to it A#. It's music note frequency is 466. Elements that Yellow predominates over...Beryllium, Carbon, Iridium, Magnesium, Molybdenum, Osmium, Palladium, Platinum, Rhenium, Rhodium, Ruthenium, Sodium, Tin, Tungsten. (Yellow/Green) Cerium, Iron, Protoactinium, Thorium, Germanium, Lanthanum, Samarium, Titanium, Gold, Neodymium, Scandium, Uranium, Zirconium, Hafnium, Phosphorus, Silver, Vanadium, Iodine, Praseodymium, Sulphur and Yttrium. Have fun and remember..."Be the Color"..."Be the Sound" Aeva

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