Friday, May 1, 2009

All about the Sound Meditation CDs and DVDs for you!

Something about Color and Sound "Sound Meditation" CDs by Aeva. Internationally acclaimed Researcher, Writer, Lecturer, and Color and Sound Practitioner, Aeva Wheet RN, has created 3 CDs (so far), to assist you in your quest for Energetic balance and Spiritual alignment. Volume 3 is titled "Sacred Chants and Tones". These totally unique CDs were created by, and are being sold exclusively on E Bay by, Aeva Wheet RN. "Sacred Chants and Tones" is everyones favorite to date. It is the CD that is used in conjunction with live Vocal Tonations and Tuning Fork Tune-Ups. As the CD plays, and you relax more and more, you become immersed in the sound. Much as a Martial Artist uses Sound to concentrate Energy to break boards and bricks, Sound can be used to break up blockages in the HUE-MAN form. Dis-ease is nothing more than the restriction of energy flow. Eventually, you will start to "BECOME the SOUND". You become more and more aware of the electrical pulses flowing thru your body with each use. This increased flow of energy (or CHI as the Chinese masters call it) charges and balances the entire electrical system. It is extremely relaxing and energizing at the same time. Tonation took many many years to learn and there is still so much more to Master. Sometimes, they are not exactly "Easy Listening". They are NOT Music perse. They are SOUND ATTUNEMENTS. The Key here is to continually, and incrementally, increase the vibration of the HUE-MAN electrical field. This CD contains not only Vocal Tonations, but, Chanting in many languages. All 3 of these incredible CDs are available to be shipped world wide. The cost is $10.00 plus S and H (USA and Canada $4.00, International $5.00). They are available @ If you enjoy Vol 3 "Sacred Chants and Tones" by Aeva...why not check out Vol 1 "Ecstasy is a Frequency" or Vol 2 "AngelTones". Remember Toning is NOT a learned is totally natural. It comes from each persons Heart. Have fun Toning and Chanting and remember....."Be the Color...Be the Sound".....Aeva

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