Friday, May 1, 2009

How the Color or Vibration Scarlet effects you!

The last of the 13 color rays in the Spectro Chrome Therapy is Scarlet. It is an adrenal and kidney stimulant. It can also be used as a general stimulant. It increases the functional activity of the arteries. It raises blood pressure in three ways 1) constricts the vessels 2) increases the heart rate and 3) stimulates the activity of the kidneys and adrenals. It accelerates fetal expulsion at time of delivery. It is an e-motional stimulant. It builds sexual powers, by increasing sensitivity and desire when its deficient. It stimulates the reproductive system and menstrual functions. The equivilent frequency of the color Scarlet is 497.9. The musical note is G# and D. The music note frequency is 501. Scarlet predominates over the Elements argon, dyprosium, erbium, holmium, lutecium, manganese, thulium and ytterbium. "Be the Color...Be the Sound". Love, Aeva

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