Friday, May 1, 2009

The Perception of Sound and how Vocal Tonation Works!

Did you know that the ear reverberates much like a TUNING FORK? And, that the delicate fibers inside the ear are tuned to certain tones? Or, that EACH OF THESE TONES CORRESPONDS TO A SPECIFIC ORGAN or ORGANIC SYSTEM? Unlike other sense organs, the ear does not alter what comes to it from outside. The ear is also related to a sense that is much more ancient, "the SENSE OF SPATIAL ORIENTATION". This Sense enables you to experience the three dimensions of space. Deep in the ears interior, we find THREE REMARKABLE LOOPS. These loops form three semi-circular canals that stand perpendicularly, one on top of the other. They are "remnants of the Sense of Space", which is much older than the "Sense of Hearing". Formerly, we perceived space in the same way we perceive sound today. Now, this "Sense of Space" has become part of us. We are no longer conscious of it. This "Sense of Space" perceives the "REALITY" around us. The "Sense of Hearing" perceives Tones/Vibrations as Sound. This means that the Vibrations pass into the ear and become part of Linear Time (or sound). So, logically, it follows, that if we CONSIST of LIGHT and SOUND, we can be aligned with LIGHT and SOUND. Much as a Martial Artist can concentrate Electrical Energy (or Chi as the Oriental Masters call it), to break boards and bricks, SOUND CAN BE USED TO BREAK UP BLOCKAGES IN THE HUE-MAN BODY. Dis-Ease is nothing more than the disruption and/or stagnation of electrical flow. During COLOR and SOUND ATTUNEMENTS, (after a 30 to 60 minute intake), (don't worry the questions are easy ones), you lay on the specially designed treatment table (fully clothed, electromagnetics goes thru just about everything) and certain VOCAL TONATIONS are made. Acupuncture points are gently touched on the head, feet and hands. As you RELAX MORE AND MORE...immersed in the Sounds of the VOCAL TONATIONS, you start to "BECOME THE SOUND". You become more aware of the electrical pulses flowing thru your body. This increased energy flow flushes, charges and energizes at the same time. It is extremely relaxing and energizing at the same time. The Vocal Sounds (OR TONATIONS), took many, many years to research and learn, and there is still much more to Master. I have created three VOCAL TONATION and ATTUNEMENT CDs to help you do this at home. They are definately NOT YOUR MOTHER'S MEDITATIONS. These CDs are NOT music perse...although many find them melodic and harmonic. Sometimes, they are not especially "easy listening" either. They are designed to move electrical blockages and to deepen your states of Meditation. During a Color and Sound Attunement session with Aeva, Tonations are done live, and, with the assistance of the Tonation CDs. Each Color and Sound Attunement lasts about 20 minutes. The first CD is entitled "Ecstasy is a Frequency" Vol. 1. This particular CD is designed to align all 5 of your electric bodies (Mental, Physical, Spiritual, E-Motional and Etheric). This CD consists of ONLY VOCAL TONATIONS which are attunements. It is approximately 40 minutes in duration. It is $10.00 (plus $4, S and H in the US, International shipping is $5). The second CD is entitled "AngelTones" Vol. 2. This CD is more spiritually oriented. Its goal is to create inner peace, increase mental clarity and develop deeper states of Meditation. This CD consists of ONLY VOCAL TONATIONS which are attunements. It is approximately 40 minutes in duration. It is $10.00 (plus $4, S and H in the US, International shipping is $5). CD number 3 is the one used in the actual Color and Sound Attunements with Aeva. It is entitled "Sacred Chants and Tones" Vol. 3. It is everyones favorite so far. A great STRESS RELIEVER, "Sacred Chants and Tones" takes you to another space "BE" in. This CD consists of VOCAL TONATIONS and SACRED CHANTS in many languages. It is approximately 40 minutes duration. It is $10.00 (plus$4, S and H in the US, International shipping is $5). Also available for your DE-LIGHT and ENLIGHTENMENT, are two live lectures on DVD. The first is entitled "COLOR AND SOUND AS HEALING MODALITIES". This DVD teaches us about the HUE-MAN HOLOGRAM and the ways to treat its imbalances (or dis-eases) using Color and Sound. This live presentation is an excellent teaching tool for beginners AND advanced students. It speaks on the Hue-Man rainbow that is your electrical field. You observe very simple, but profound techniques for moving blockages, strengthening the entire immune system, and dramatically relieving stress. You will observe how to initiate, accelerate and support the bodies own NATURAL HEALING PROCESSES. Topics discussed VOCAL TONATION, ELECTROMAGNETIC HEALING, ADVANCED CRYSTAL LAYOUTS, GEM ELIXERS, HYDROCHOMATHERAPY (charging distilled water with colored light and/or sound for ingestion), SPECTROCHROMATHERAPY (use of colored light) and much much more. This DVD runs about 1 hour and was made for Cable TV. Cost $20.00 (plus $4, S and H in the US, $5 International Shipping). The second DVD is entitled "SOUND, SOUND, SOUND". In this DVD, you will learn how Sound affects you. Included, are simple techniques to stimulate the entire Immune System, calm the E-Motions, increase Mental clarity and RAISE YOUR CONSIOUSNESS LEVEL. Also included...thoughts on why most Spiritual practices have included some type of music, chanting and or singing thruout the ages. It also explores sound techniques from the ANCIENT MYSTERY SCHOOLS....Druidic, Enochian, Egyptian, Essene and Gnostic to mention a few. Included are "The 6 ANCIENT SOUNDS OF THE ORIENTAL MASTERS" FOR INNER BALANCE and the use of " SACRED HARP MUSIC" by some sects, to attain "Ecstatic States". Info about "TUNING UP WITH TUNING FORKS" and the "USE OF SOUND WITH CRYSTALS" is also included in this 1 hr presentation made for Cable TV. Cost of this DVD is $20.00 (plus $4, S and H in the US, $5 International shipping). Suggestions for the proper use of the CDs also included. Inquiries, questions, comments....feel free to contact me. "Be the Color...Be the Sound". Love, Aeva

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