Sunday, May 10, 2009

Guide for the Correct Use of Aeva & Evons CDs!

The "Color and Sound Attunement CDs" were created to help you attain deeper and deeper states of Meditation. They were also created, to balance the Hue-Man electrical field, and draw your Holy Spirit into alignment with your Hue-Man Hologram. The Hue-Man body, is a direct reflection of that part of you, that is Spiritual in nature. These Spiritual energies are connected to your form at your 7 Chakras. The more in balance your Hue-Man form is electrically, the more of your Holy Spirit you can connect with. When using these CDs to align yourself with your Spirit, please make the time to do it correctly. Unplug the phone, take the dog out first, make the time to be able to be "Still". It is in that "Stillness" that God communicates with you. There is a beautiful Essene prayer that says, "Be Still....And know that I Am God". Using the CDs correctly is very easy. Choose a place that is clear of all commotion. Make it into your Meditation area...a "No Strive Zone" shall we say. Light a white candle. Put the CD on (ear phones are fact they are recommended). If you wish to lie so. Just make yourself comfortable, as the CD is about 20 minutes in length. As the CD plays...try and become the Sound. If you are drawn to Tone along with it, you will magnify the effects. It is the increase in vibration that is the key here. The more you Tone with the CD, the better the outcome. It takes about 30 days of daily Toning to see a real change. But, you will feel the effects the first time you use it. You don't have to Tone with the CD for it to work...but, it is recommended. You can do this with others if you wish. For each person in attendance, the energy is multiplied by 2. If there are 2 people present, it is the energy of 4. It there are 4's the energy of 16...and so on. Some people feel energized...some, find it a great sleep aid. See what works for you. Children love toTone and find it fun to do so. *Never use these CDs while driving! Toning is not a learned thing, it comes from inside you and is totally natural. Find a tone that seems correct to you and use it. It is a great stress reliever. Have fun Toning and remember,... each Tone=a Color. If you see colors with your eyes closed, its totally normal. Remember to..."Be the Color....Be the Sound", Aeva (*To purchase these Cds and DVDs directly, just go to

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