Friday, May 1, 2009

How the Color or Vibration Violet effects you!

Violet is the color of the seventh energy center or chakra. It is called the crown chakra, and is located at the top of the head. It controls the pituitary gland. It is the region of pure spirituality. When the crown chakra is fully activated, man will have reached a state of "perfect awareness". Violet is the inspiration for the creation of great art, music and philosophy. This is the ray that controls mental dis-ease. It relieves over stimulated nerves, reduces excitement and irritation. it is antiseptic in action and is used in cases of diarrhea, kidney and bladder problems. In cases of psychosomatic illness, Violet is recommended. It aids in clearing the mental dis-orders which are causing the problems. This color is helpful with scalp problems and baldness. It decreases muscle activity, including heart muscle. Most people have little to do with this energy or how to use its potential. But, people who have learned how to train and use their intuition, will discover a fantastic potential of the crown chakra and its Violet energy. Through the crown chakra, we can obtain a connection with "all that is". Contact with teachers of Hue-man and non Hue-man origens is facilitated. These Be-ings are always around to help us out, if we figure out how to contact them using the energies of the Violet ray. With Violet energy, we have possibilities and gifts that reach far beyond the physical plane. We may experience our existance as an integrated part of the spiritual universe. From this energy, is created the inspiration that makes authors, healers, and all other people who express and bring thru Divine power. The Violet energy is the energy over all the other energies, and has the most intense electrochemical power. Violet corresponds to sour taste. The extreme Violet/Blue energy is very stimulating to the nervous system. It has an intense cleansing power and inspires our spiritual nature. Violet stimulates the highest Hue-man ideals in the arts, music, poetry and all other creative endeavors. The famous artist Leonardo da Vinci said that "our will power will increase 10 fold, if we meditate under Violet stained glass or light. When the light shines thru the Violet glass, it provides us with the highest energies". However, since Violet has the highest vibrational speed of all the colors, not everyone can utilize it. Many people avoid this color and do not like it at all. This may be because it cleases the thoughts and e-motions rapidly and thoroughly. All who are not of a creative nature would feel frustrated and possibly ill at ease in Violet surroundings. But, if we are in balance and connected to the Violet energy, the whole world is open to us. Violet PHYSICALLY...the color Violet gives energy to the Spleen and the Lymphatic system. It helps kill off bacteria and heal skin rashes. MENTALLY...from ancient times, Violet has been known to be the color of spirit. It enhances spiritual power and creativity. It is this color that is the "first aid box" of metaphysics. But, it may not be the best color for the beginner in meditation. The POSITIVE SIDE of Violet...great mental strength, inspirational leaders, kindly and just, humanitarians, self sacrificing, pure idealism. The NEGATIVE SIDE of Violet...superiority, arrogance, snobbishness, disloyal, fanatical. Violet MAY HELP have e-motional problems, you feel you need to move the situation you're in, you feel you need to build your creativity, or you feel you need to strengthen your spiritual values. You should NOT USE Violet are depressed or totally out of balance. Violet ESSENTIAL OILS...lavendar oil is beneficial for headaches and migraines. It increases circulation to the skin. It is good for minor burns and sunburns, insect bites and eczema. Lavendar relaxes you physically, mentally and e-motionally. It warms the heart and is good for insomnia. Add 5 drops of lavendar to you bath. If you add jasmine oil, it will give your Violet bath a luxurious feeling. Jasmine has an uplifting and optimistic effect and soothes the nerves. It is good for dry and sensitive skin. Another relaxing bath is 1 drop patchouli, 4 drops lavendar. Violet AFFIRMATION..."let the Violet flame flow thru me and around me..cleansing and invigorating my whole me new life and new energy". Violet TIPS...A library or classroom would benefit greatly from this color. Use Violet in a playroom if you wish to develop your childs creativity. It would also be beneficial in a theatre setting, or where one wishes to develop the imagination. But, again, there must be balance. With too much Violet, one may wish to escape reality into a fantasy world, far too often. Violet CLOTHING...we project the image of an unconventional and idealistic person. To some, Violet indicates a dreamer, a mystic and an individualistic thinker. Violet FOODS...eggplant, grapes. The ASTROLOGICAL SIGN and PLANET for Violet...the Astrological sign = Aquarius, the Planets = Saturn and Uranus. Violet/Red = Pisces, Planets = Jupiter and Neptune. Monday is a Violet day. Violet Crystals...alexandrite, flourite, amethyst, charoite, lepidolite and sugilite. When meditating with Violet light...go SLOWLY. This color produces RAPID CHANGE. The Spectro-Chrome color Violet's equivalent frequency is 665.7. The Music note name is E. The music note frequency is 659. The Violet Ray predominates over Actinium, Cobalt, Gadolinium and Terbium. "Be the Color" and " Be the Sound". Love, Aeva

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