Friday, May 1, 2009

All about the Sound Meditation CDs and DVDs for you!

"Color and Sound as Healing Modalities" is a one hour lecture on DVD, made for Cable TV. Given by Internationally Acclaimed Researcher, Lecturer, Writer and Color and Sound Practitioner Aeva Wheet RN...this teaching presents very simple, but profound techniques that initiate, accelerate and support the bodies own natural healing processes. With 22 years of experience in Color and Sound Attunements, Aeva Wheet RN demonstrates many many techniques that are non-invasive, safe and highly effective (they are also lots of fun to do and have done). Topics discussed include Vocal Tonation (using your voice to attain a higher rate of vibration), Electromagnetic Healing (with the use of crystals, toning and tuning forks), Advanced Crystal Layouts (haven't you been wondering what to DO with all those crystals anyway??), Gem Elixers (using Crystals to electrostatically charge water for bathing and ingestion), Hydrochromotherapy (the use of Colored light to Electrostatically charge water for bathing and ingestion), Spectrochrometry (the use of Colored Light) and much much more. This incredible DVD is available to be shipped Internationally for $20.00 plus S and H directly from Aeva @ USA and Canada $4.00 International $5.00. If you find this topic interesting, you might like the Sound Sound Sound DVD as well. Or, if lectures are not for you....why not try Toning and Chanting along with the three CD's Aeva has to offer. Vol 1 is Ecstasy is a Frequency, Vol 2 is Angeltones and Vol 3 is Sacred Chants and Tones (#3 is everyones favorite and the one used during Color and Sound attunements with Aeva).

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