Friday, May 8, 2009

Jewelry as an adjunct for Color and Sound Attunements

People often ask me how I got into Jewelry making. Well, it all started with collecting crystals for over 30 years. I have thousands of them now. No one was really into the crystal thing when I started experimenting with them in the early 80s. They were fascinating to me and still are. I found that Crystals vibrate the Hue-man Hologram at a higher and higher rate when used repeatedly (sort of like charging up a battery). And, that each of them vibrates according to their Color and or Tone because each Color = a Tone or Sound. As time went on,...I learned which Crystals / Vibrations / Tones did what to which Meridien (the electrical wires of the body are called Meridiens), and it became obvious to me that wearing them would increase your Vibration as well. I began to see the Jewelry as "attunements / treatments" for the person wearing them. If a client needed more DRY HEAT...Cinnabar was used. If they needed to balance / explore their E-Motions, Coral was called for (Coral deals with Water Force which rules E Motions and how they flow). I began to see the wisdom of the Ancients wearing certain stones in Head Pieces, Breastplates etc. To ME, the Jewelry is a "Wearable Attunement" as well as Fine Art. I just started creating Chakra Balancing Jewelry once again (did it all thruout the 80s and 90s)...and wished to start the Jewelry section of my Blog with them as an example of how Jewelry can be Artwork and "a treatment" at the same time. Clients are generally drawn to whatever stones they NEED, but, generic pieces can be created that are balancing for just about anyone. The Chakra Balancing Necklace and Earring Sets have stones from each one of the Chakra Colors. The Earrings are Black and White for the balance of Yin and Yang. They come in Gold Filled (I can use 24kt Gold beads if you're drawn to that) and Sterling Silver. Gold represents the Solar Force (the Fathers Force) and Silver represents the Lunar Force (the Mothers Force). When Crystals are used in conjunction with Toning (making Sounds vocally or with Tuning Forks etc)...the Vibration of the Crystal changes and multiplies. So here are the Chakra Balancing Necklace and Earring sets. Don't forget..."Be the Color...Be the Sound" Enjoy!! Aeva

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