Friday, May 1, 2009

How the Color or Vibration of Green effects you!

Green is the color of the fourth energy center, or the Heart chakra. It is located directly over the Heart. The Heart chakra controls the Heart and Tymus gland. The color Green is the color of sympathy, of understanding, of nature and rejuvenation. It is also the color of wealth and abundance. Green is the balance between the body, mind, Spirit and e-motions. It is a beneficial color regardless of condition. It balances all the systems, and produces the calmness and tranquility of nature. It builds new muscle and tissue, as well as new life and hope. it is used for Heart conditions, tumors and cancers, neuralgia, headache, influenza, head colds, boils, ulcers and hay fever. It assists with varicose veins. Green lowers the blood pressure, while reducing muscular and nervous tension. In cases of insomnia (where depression is a factor), Green is the most effective. It is the color to use for all over physical and mental balance. Green is considered "the Great Equilibrator". The color Green has alot to do with how you feel about yourself. Those who like green are great givers. What we do with this energy may be compared to "as you shall you receive". We also talk about people having "green thumbs"...those that have a knack for making everything grow. Contact with nature is very important if you wish to be in balance, and have a peaceful and harmonious life. One thing you can do if you feel yourself needing green energy,... go to the woods, backyard, local park...and just "BE". Find a tree, stand with your back against it. Put your left arm behind you around the trunk, put your right hand over your Solar Plexus. Breathe deeply and quietly ask the tree to share its energy with you (ok it sounds silly, just humor me and do it ok lol). Why not try it and see if it might be surprised. Oh, and remember to thank the tree for sharing. If you notice you're wearing alot of Green clothing..and that you surround yourself with Green, are probably harboring anxiety that you are not even aware of. Try to bring in some warmer colors....Red would be a good one, as it is complimentary to Green. Yellow might not be so good. We are all in need of expressing ourselves, but, if we exaggerate the Green...we may easily become to moralizing and put ourselves on a pedestal. You may like to impress people and be admired... rather than being loved. PHYSICALLY Green...brings energy to the heart, lungs bronchia, arms, hands and the circulatory system. MENTALLY Green...brings a feeling of renewal, of new life, freshness and clarity. This color also governs the e-motions and how they are expressed from the heart. Heart attacks sometimes come, as a result of dread of giving, a fear of being involved in anything, or a fear of getting hurt. An offended or hurt Green person, who feels they have lost face...may also get stomach troubles. If such e-motional feelings and problems are not addressed, and extend over long periods of time, hypertension and/or heart attacks can occur. The Heart is the center of the Spirit/Soul. It is the Heart that makes us fellow Hue-man be-ings. But, the most important thing is, that Love is the leading principle in life. Having children develops the Heart center. We have to accept love, and love our children HOW they are, and for WHAT they are. We help them on their own terms and love them without expecting anything in return. We should do the same with our fellow Hue-man be-ings. When our Heart center is balanced, we are able to give positive feelings and happiness, unconditionally, and to everyone. The POSITIVE side of Green...harmonic, loves children and animals, understanding, self controlled, adaptable, sympathetic, compassionate, generous and humble. The NEGATIVE side of Green...lack of discrimination, dishonest with money, holds onto possessions, jealous, reckless, stingy and cruel. Green energy can HELP YOU need to soothe your nerves, headaches, you feel out of balance, you have chronic dis-ease, you have digestive problems or you need to calm down before an important meeting. Green BATHS...emerald Green is a color that has been used throughout the ages to enhance truth and knowledge. There is a strong vibration to the emerald Green color, so, if you wish to bathe in it, you should be reasonably healthy. Turqouise, is a mix of Green and Blue colors. It is a very soothing color and is good for enhancing public speaking. Green ESSENTIAL OILS...eucalyptus oil come from the silvery Blue Green leaves of one of the tallest trees on Earth. It produces a camphorous smell. The oil has an antiseptic effect. it dissolves mucous, stimulates the skin and relaxes the muscles. Add 3 drops of Eucalyptus oil to your bath water, 3 drops of Lemon and 2 drops Thyme oil. Sandalwood is another beneficial oil for baths. The smell is sweet and it contains sandalwood, rose and spice. The oil of sandalwood is one of the most beneficial for skin problems. It is the classic choice for dry skin. It relieves itching and acts as an antiseptic in acne. A recommended dosage is 5 to 6 drops in a bath. Green AFFIRMATION..."Let the Green energy flow thru my Heart and bring me peace, harmony, and balance in all things". Green TIPS...Green is a good color for bedrooms and kitchens. For example, you may want to keep alot of Green plants in your kitchen. However, in a room where you are working and need mental creativity, Green is NOT good (unless you add a bit of Yellow in with it). In workshops, where people are working putting thoughts into practice, Green is NOT a good color. On Green CLOTHING... when you are wearing Green, it gives the impression of stability, tradition and practicality. You look down to Earth and seem efficient and positive. Too much Green, makes you seem stiff and not very agile. You will seem analytical and non imaginative when it comes to originality. Green FOODS...avacado, beans, broccoli, cucumbers, salad, peas, squash. The ASTROLOGICAL SIGN and PLANET for Green...Greens Astrological Sign = Libra, Planet = Venus. Blue/Green = Scorpio, Planet = Mars. Friday is a Green day. Green crystals...aventurine, malachite, variscite, diopside, smithsonite, serpentine, bloodstone, chrysocolla and peridot. Ok, same experiment here....get yourself a Green lightbulb. Darken the room as much as possible and turn on the Green light. Sit in the Green light for 10 to 15 minutes, breathing slowly and calmly,...seeing the Green color invigorating your whole be-ing with balance. Then journal your experience of Green. Spectro-Chrome color Green's equivalent frequency = 531.5. Greens musical note is C. The Music note frequency = 523. The vibration or color Green predominates over the elements...Barium, Chlorine, Nitrogen, Radium, Tellurium and Thallium. Have fun and remember to "Be the Color" and "Be the Sound".

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  1. This is great Aeva! I was wondering how green and brown influence us and this is wonderful information on green. Have you written anything about brown?