Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Authentic Self...

Although I did NOT write this about the Authentic Self...I would like to share it with you all. It is the best description of same I have ever read. Whoever wrote this wonderful epistle...thanks for sharing. 1) The AUTHENTIC SELF KNOWS ONLY WHOLENESS. It knows It is one with the Whole Universe. This awareness creates balance and an understanding that wholeness is a state of being rather than a condition. Nothing can be taken from or added to All that is.2) THE AUTHENTIC SELF KNOWS ONLY REVERENCE FOR LIFE From an awareness of Its connectedness to the Whole, the Authentic Self sees all others as an extension of Itself. To do harm to another would be to harm ones self. Reverence gives birth to compassion and acts of loving kindness, which manifests as harmony.3) THE AUTHENTIC SELF KNOWS ONLY FEARLESSNESS Because It knows It is one with Life, the Authentic Self knows It is eternal, and thus, It is always in the Present moment. All fear is attached to loss of some sort, which may or may not take place in the future. Often, this fear is founded on experiences from the past, which then get projected into the future.4) THE AUTHENTIC SELF KNOWS ONLY HONESTY & INTEGRITY Being Fearless, It can only speak and act with honest and pure intent. It is never intimidated or moved by anger, manipulation or guilt from others as It communicates the truth with compassion, even when the truth is difficult for others to hear. Lastly, because It is so fully integrated in Its unity with the Universal Whole, It is incapable of violating Itself. It knows only integrity, even when no one is watching.5) THE AUTHENTIC SELF SEEKS NO APPROVAL, ONLY ALIGNMENT Being guided from a Center of Wholeness and Fearless Honesty It has no need to be validated or approved of by others. This does not mean It doesn’t honor other’s opinions, but It is not attached to them. It seeks no approval, only alignment with others; alignment creates balance.6) THE AUTHENTIC SELF IS NOT ATTACHED TO: - ACCOMPLISHMENTS - REQUITEMENTS - TITLES OR POSSESSIONS Having no need for approval, It is unattached to labels or things that symbolize power. Knowing It exists at the seat of Authentic Power, Spirit/God within. It is aware it has no need to seek power from the external world. It seeks only the “process” of being fully expressed 24/7) 7) THE AUTHENTIC SELF IS INCAPABLE OF BEING JUDGMENTAL Because It is one with the All (Spirit/God), It is incapable of judgment. To judge would be to separate Itself from the Whole—this is an impossibility. The Authentic Self has no common ground or point of identity with the egoic self which is where all judgment takes place—they exist on two different planes. The Authentic Self is the direct descendant of Unconditional Love which is the Essence of Spirit/God knowing Itself by means of It’s Creation. Amen to THAT for sure!!

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