Monday, June 1, 2009

Treatise on Gem Elixers

I have been asked many times about Gem Elixers. What they are?? How to make them?? What are their efficacy?? So, I finally sat down to try and put 30 years of research into a coherent form. Well, at least a primer anyway. Lets start here!! What IS a Gem Elixer? Gem Elixers are electrostatically charged distilled water. Ingesting a Gem Elixer is akin to drinking a Gemstones vibration. They are prepared in a manner similar to Flower Essences. To will need a clear bowl (quartz is preferable but not necessary). The receptacle should hold about 12 oz.. Sometimes you will need a larger bowl depending on the size of the crystal being used. You should try to get a bowl with no designs on it, as the pattern vibrationally influences the Gem Elixer. Storage bottles should be clean and sterilized by placing them in HOT WATER (in an enamel or glass pot) for around 10 minutes. DO NOT USE ALUMINUM POTS as they are highly toxic. It is best to use DISTILLED WATER. The mineral specimen that you're using to make the Elixer, should be completely natural. No chemicals or glue, and it should be uncut and unpolished if possible. And, in THIS case...size is not important (ok stop snickering lol), although small pieces are probably more practical. The point is is the PURITY of the stone that counts. If you can get the crystal in matrix (that's the stone it is attached to), it is more stablizing and attuned to the Earth. It should not have inclusions of any other crystal in it. When preparing a Gem Elixer, sit for a few minutes to attain a state of inner clarity and calm. During your meditation, place the mineral in direct sunlight to activate it. When you feel properly attuned, place the mineral in the CENTER of the bowl, covered in distilled water. It helps a lot to put rubies and clear quartz around the bowl. Spring is the best time to prepare Gem Elixers. The Gemstone or Crystal should remain in the water for approximately 2 to 3 hours (in the morning sunlight of a cloudless day is the best). The bowl should be placed on a wooden or glass table..PLEASE DO NOT place on cement or metal surfaces. The bowl can be left uncovered, or covered with a sheet of clear glass. Pour the liquid into the storage bottles (mark as Mother Tinctures and label accurately). Remove the Gemstone or Mineral AFTER pouring into the storage bottles. (I use the cobalt blue storage bottles with the droppers). *NB: any new supplies (storage bottles, funnels, bowls etc should be placed under a copper pyramid for a couple of hours to cleanse them energetically). Some Gem Elixers need to be exposed to MOONLIGHT as well. The Sun activates more properties of the Conscious Mind, while the Moon activates the properties of the Sub Conscious qualities. Male or Yang qualities are activated by the Sun, Female or Yin qualities by the Moon. As is the case with Flower Essences, Gem Elixers are very sensitive to environmental pollutants. Before storing them anywhere, wash the storage area with distilled water (use clean cotton or linen rags to wash with please) and leave the area empty for a few days. Keep clear quartz and copper pyramids in the storage area. You may also put clear quartz in the 4 corners of the storage area. Every few months clean the quartz and recharge them under a copper pyramid. Never leave Gem Elixers in sunlight AFTER they are prepared as they can be damaged by extreme heat. Extreme cold does NOT harm them. You can cleanse the Gemstones and Minerals in Sea Salt...or you can use the preferred method of placing them in the Sunlight for cleansing and recharging. Gemstones and Minerals that are worn ON the BODY, should be cleansed every two months. If the individual wearing them is involved in deep meditation practices, they should be cleaned more often. Gem Elixers should be taken at the stock bottle level of strength. Mixing them into Homeopathic strengths is a bit more involved. Best time to ingest these remedies is upon waking, around noon, dinner time and bedtime. Do NOT ingest with food. Take the remedy for about 4 weeks and then give the body time to adjust to the new vibrational frequency. Treating Chronic conditions is more involved and should be done with the supervision of someone familiar with the effects of Gem Elixers. Healing Crises CAN occur with Gem Elixers, but they are very rare. A sensitive individual would require extreme degrees of exposure to experience uncomfortable side effects. Simple cleansing with distilled water, and sea salt bathing would neutralize most of these effects quickly. If you wish, you may add a few drops to your bath water. Add a few drops of fresh lemon juice into the bathwater beforehand. The skin is the largest organ in the body and readily absorbs the energy of a Gem Elixer..especially if you are ingesting it as well. Toning and Chanting can be used in conjunction with Gem Elixers as they boost the effects of same...and,..I am a big proponent of Toning and you all know. Gem Elixers penetrate all 5 Epi-Kinetic Bodies...The Mental Body, The E-Motional Body, The Spiritual Body, The Physical Body and the Etheric Body. Why not give them a try and keep a journal of your results. Much love to you all..Aeva O:)

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