Wednesday, June 3, 2009

"Spectro Chrome" or "Colored Light Therapy"

In April of 1920, Darius P. Ghadiali (or Dinshaw as he preferred to be called) introduced his system of "Healing with Colored Light" to the world, in NYC. Over the next 4 years, Dinshaw trained over 800 professionals and lay persons. He founded the Spectro Chrome Institute, designed and sold Colored Light projectors and accessories. He appeared to be well on his way to making an important contribution to the "Healing Arts". The 1st indication of opposition to Spectro Chrome emerged in the 1924 Journal of the American Medical Association. The article was instrumental in causing a continuing decline in the use of Spectro Chrome by his professional graduates. Dinshaw persevered but, to an increasingly lay clientele. Rather than slow him, the next step was intended to crush Dinshaw. They caused his indictment in Buffalo, NY in 1931. They charged, "that he had misrepresented Spectro Chrome as a Healing System". He defended Spectro Chrome with the testimony of 3 Physicians, and 3 lay graduates. The Doctors swore to the successful use of Spectro Chrome in Glaucoma, Otitis Media, advanced Tuberculosis, Cardiac Problems, Ulcers, Hemorrhoids, Abcesses, Arthritis, Tumors, Sciatica, Meningitis, Goiter and much more. After 90 minutes deliberation, the jury found Dinshaw was NOT misrepresenting SpectroChrome when he called it a Healing System. Despite the vindication of his work, Dinshaw knew there would be continuing and strong resistance to Spectro Chrome from Medical Authorities. He knew if Spectro Chrome was to survive it would be without help from the professional sector. The Spectro Chrome metry Encyclopedia was his answer. His sons (Darius, Rashon and Jal J. Dinshaw) continue to run the Dinshaw Health Society. It is located at 100 Dinshaw Drive, Malaga, NJ. 08328. Presented here are the basics of Spectro Chrome..called Spectro Chrome Definitions: Tonations: shining a Spectro Chrome color on the body, or a part of the body, is called a Tonation. You Tonate with a color. A Tonation is generally ONE color on a given area (or areas) for one hour (at a forecast time if possible). When instructed to Tonate two or more colors, one color is Tonated for one hour and then, at a later forecast time, the next color is Tonated. Colors: The original Spectro Chrome system used 5 matched glass slides (filters which were not monochromes) to produce 12 colors. Dishaw used the term Attuned Colors to differentiate them from filters which appeared to be the same but were not correct shades for Spectro Chrome use. Here is the Color Codes for Spectro Chrome Metry: Color Red - Red, Orange -Red and Yellow, Yellow - Yellow, Lemon - Yellow and Green, Green - Green, Turquoise - Green and Blue, Blue - Blue, Indigo - Blue and Violet, Violet - Violet, Purple - Violet and Yellow, Magenta - Red and Violet, Scarlet - Red and Blue. Area: The part of the body that you are going to Tonate is called an Area. The Areas are numbered #1 thru #22 and approximately contain the Major Organs. Areas are as following: #1 Pituitary, Pineal, Brain (front). #2 Neck. #3 Thyroid, Parathyroids. #4, #5 Lungs, Heart, Thymus, (female mammaries). #6 Spleen. #7 Liver (also area #8), Gallbladder. #8 Stomach (also area #6), Pancreas (front). #9 Intestines (also area # 10). #10 Bladder, Appendix, Internal Reproductive. #11 External Reproductive. #12 Thighs. #13 Shins. #14 Arms. #15 Brain (back). #16 Nape of Neck. #17 Lungs (back). #18 Kidneys, Adrenals, Pancreas (back). #19 Rectum, Buttocks. #20 Back of Thighs. #21 Calves. #22 Feet. Systemic: (front or back). The Term Systemic Front or Back means to Tonate ALL areas from #1 thru #11. Systemic Back means to Tonate all areas from #15 thru #19. Projector: The filters can be used with almost any incandescent lamp or sunlight as a light source or projector; flourescent tubes are NOT suitable for generating Spectro Chrome colors. Infra - Green, Ultra Green: Red, Orange, Yellow and Lemon are colors which occur in the spectrum before Green, the center color, so they are termed Infra - Green Colors. Turquoise, Blue, Indigo and Violet are colors which are found in the spectrum after Green, so they are termed Ultra - Green Colors. Green, in the middle, is the physical equilibrating color. Purple, Magenta and Scarlet are not found in the spectrum so they are not included in either series. Opposite: Each Spectro Chrome color has specific effects attributed to it. The color which has reverse attributes of another color is called its opposite. Red is the opposite of Blue...Blue is the opposite of Red. Orange is the opposite of Indigo...Indigo is the opposite of Orange. Yellow is the opposite of Violet...Violet is the opposite of Yellow. Lemon is the opposite of Turquoise...Turquoise is the opposite of Lemon. Purple is the opposite of Scarlet...Scarlet is the opposite of Purple. The remaining colors Green and Magenta do not have opposite colors. Green is the median color of the Spectrum and is therefore the governing color. Magenta is the simultaneous use of both ends of the Spectrum which endows it with the power of equilibration. Aura: The energy field surrounding and extending from the Hue-Man Hologram , generated by the electro - chemical cellular activity of the body is called the Aura in the Spectro Chrome system. The Aura dimishes rapidly as the distance from the body increases, so, Tonation must be on bare skin. Normalate: Dinshaw did not use the word Cure in relation to Spectro Chrome. While his coined term "normalate" has some of the meaning of "cure", in a larger sense is means something quite different. People are built in approximately the same mold with a heart, lungs, skin, teeth, etc., but how your organs function as a whole can vary considerably compaired to the medically accepted norm and still be satisfactory for you. Spectro Chrome is not expected to change the genetic factors which play such an important part in good or poor health, but it can minimize the "side effects" some of those factors cause, thereby helping you to become what is normal for you. These are the basics of Spectro Chrome. If anyone is interested in more information regarding Spectro Chrome (in general or for practitioners), please feel free to contact me about same. "Be the Color...Be the Sound"!!!

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