Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Kadoish Kadoish Kadoish Adanoi Tsabayoth

Over the years, I have chanted and prayed in many different languages,...Coptic, Essene, Hebrew, Egyptian, Chinese, Latin and Aramaic. Each one of them totally unique in their vibrations...each with their own truths to share. I have decided to share some of the most beautiful of them with you. One of the most powerful prayers I have ever utilized is the Kadoish. I will spell it correctly (in Hebrew) and then I will put it into phonics so you can pronounce it properly. This Prayer is intoned...(kind of like humming and praying it at the same time). The Prayer is "Kadoish Kadoish Kadoish Adanoi Tsabayoth". This Prayer is said 3 times in a row, then followed by another prayer. The Kadoish is used when you awaken, as it aligns you with your "Holy Spirit"...and before you sleep I suggest you do the same. It is also used whenever "ANYTHING" from any other dimension, or space, contacts you. This Prayer places a "Shell of Discernment" around you and prevents anything not of the LIGHT from contacting you. Do NOT mistake this concept for protection. Protection is a myth...a fallacy. If you enshrine your Holy Spirit in your form, there is NOTHING that you need fear. Ask yourself..."what does GOD fear"?? NOTHING. There is nothing God created that is to be feared. There is nothing that God created that God cannot UNCREATE. This Prayer is a discernment tool and keeps things out of your electrical field that do not belong there. This is the phonetic pronunciation of the prayer Ka doysh Ka doysh Ka doysh A da noy Tsa ba yot (X 3). This prayer should be intoned before any meditation, or practice that opens the electrical field up to outside energies (other than your OWN God Presence). Let's just say if you were going to a huge party, wouldn't it be nice to know which ones are the "nice people" and which ones are those you might wish to avoid? That's what the Kadoish does...it immediately brings the light of your Holy Spirit down around you in a cocoon..repelling anything that is not in your best interest. It acts like the immune system for your Spirit..keeping it healthy and unencumbered by Klingons. The translation of the Kadoish is "Holy Holy Holy is the Lord God of Hosts". 1) The Kadoish is the measure of the cycle and the beat of all matter/radiation. Even the Hue-man Heart beat is set to the Kadoish. 2) The Kadoish ties together the biorhythms of the body with the Spiritual rhythms of the Overself Body. 3) The Kadoish creates a light energy that enables the vehicle to experience the direct energies of the Masters of light serving YHWH. 4) The Kadoish is the central vibration coordinating all other vibrations with the Spiritual vehicle of Man. 5) The Kadoish will become the key to the Transformation of Mankind. No other song in the Multiverse can directly manifest Divine Love so powerfully to the elemental forms of creation, than the Divine Mantra of the Fathers Throne. 6) The Kadoish creates the Mental, Spiritual Time Warp within your Hue-man Hologram that allows you to grow from a small microcosm to the next level of Godhead. (Just think about that for a second...we started in the beginning of creation as single cells...and end up a level of the Godhead...wow. Now THAT is an experiment). 7) The Salutation (The Kadoish) is used to discern Spiritual from Negatively Polarized beings. This Salutation sets a resonancy pattern in motion which negative forces cannot utilize. It is so powerful that negatively polarized forces cannot remain in its presence for long. 8) Combine the Kadoish with the Light and Sound harmonies of 6-6-6, 9-9-9, 12-12-12. You place your hands over your third eye in the form of a pyramid. This amplifies the Spiritual greeting for the sending and receiving of Spiritual instruction. 6-6-6 identifies you with Earths Vibrations. 9-9-9 indicates you have picked up a Merkabah vibration. 12-12-12 is the vibration of Consciousness Transport. 9) The Kadoish is a Mantra where the breathe giving capacity of the subject is wholly Divine, absorbed in the person of the "Life Giving Lord". I intonate this Prayer before any attunement work I do with clients to align myself directly with my Holy Spirit. I also intonate this over any client I work with to show them how to align themselves as well. This Mantra produces a sense of well being and a feeling of vibrating. Why not try the Kadoish out and see what a difference it makes. A journal is useful when doing an experiment...why not try chanting the Kadoish every day for 30 days and see what it brings. Don't forget to "Be the Color and Be the Sound". Love, Aeva


  1. Just been chanting it along with Vicky Graham´s cd the Sound of Balance Vibrational healing, singing it with the Heart chakra tone pretty powerful...
    By the way what is your source of information regarding the kadoish chant specially in respect to all the positive claims?


  2. That was beautifully spoken. We are using this chant right NOW! I had no idea how powerful it was - and even in just hearing the spoke / sung / vibration feels RIGHT! Currently I am studying the Stellar Codes(TM) through Humanity Healing and with the Solstice & Eclipse there are suggestions of powerful energy that can now be aligned to use / transform. This is an online course and there is much reading / practice involved - the Axis Coeli & Mundi Attunments called upon use to begin incorporating this mantra into our daily practice (morning / night) AT least for 7 days post the attunement. I thought this was a lovely one and wanted to share it with you / as you have shared some great info with me / us!
    Love & Eternal Light, ~deZengo


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  3. Beautifully said, thank you for your pure loving expression....

  4. Thank you so much Aeva! the first time I did this last year around October, something astral opened my door and left!! It was awesome. I had meant to respond then, but somehow got sidetracked. I just wanted to say thank you again!

  5. I recently discovered this & started doing it a couple of days ago. I clear my chakras & do the cross crawl to make sure my energies are flowing properly then I chant for 33 minutes @ 720pm daily. If I feel fight/flight/freeze I just start chanting & it just goes away. Thank you for the helpful information. Love & Light

  6. What exactly is the translation to English.

  7. The only thing positive and not demonic on this website.

  8. Bookcase on south wall, 3rd row down, 3rd book from left, page 113. Tear out page to take with you, leave book. (k)

  9. I've chanted to this mantra prayer several times over the years and it is the MOST powerful chant I've ever done. Like you, I also have chanted in several languages.