Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Resistance is Futile...

Hello All...Still getting information about the New Years energies...and all the energetic shifting taking place...The Angels say...where ever you are in resistance will be made VERY evident to you over the next few weeks (thru February actually). What does this mean?? All of us have some resistance in one way or another that prevents our Holy Spirits from coming thru our bodies. Resistance comes in many forms, and whatever form YOURS comes in, will be made very plain to you, so you can let it go. If you DONT let your resistance to your Holy Spirit go...what will happen? Your resistance will grow and grow, and be in your face, until you feel its time to let it go and allow your Spirit to come thru your Hue-man form. This involves a whole new way of living your life...a more spontaneous way of living your life. A way where you are drawn by your Spirit to do or say something...and you follow your feeling to do so. This is a learned and practiced process, so try not to get frustrated when practicing this. Mind will try and get into over thinking and reasoning with you that you cannot listen to your Spirit...for one reason or another. Just ask mind to is a new way to respond. Mind is like the computer of the can only respond with the programs it has installed. Spirit, on the other hand, responds from Infinite Light. It knows what is best for YOU (and this is where the dont follow others or get information from others comes in). What is best for YOU, may not be what is best for others. Just trust YOUR HOLY SPIRIT to know what is best for YOU and FOLLOW YOUR SPIRIT WITHOUT HESITATION AND JUDGEMENT. As the Borg would say...resistance is futile lol. You can resist all you wish to resist...after all we have free will here. Earth is a FREE WILL experiment shall we say. But as we vibrate faster and faster, more and more light comes into our Hue-man forms and our Holograms shift genetically. As this happens, whatever resistance we have to our Spirits coming thru our bodies all the time, or melding with our bodies, will become more and more evident. What you resist you empower..just ASK YOUR HOLY SPIRIT to release your resistance. Then trust it will do so...cause IT WILL lol. Hope this helps a bit and wherever your body is hurting or aching etc...this is where your resistance has lodged itself. Why not try sitting and still and just see light going to those places. If you REALLY want to move this process along...HUM or TONE while meditating. The faster you vibrate...the faster the resistance moves. Hugaroonies all...sending lovies and wishing you a resistance free life. O:)

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  1. Resist.These are demonic waves coming in for Judgement Day. Chakras are bad for you. Remove them.