Sunday, May 10, 2009

A guide to using Crystals by Aeva

Many people have asked me "How do the Crystals work"? "DO they work"?? Well,...after 30 years of researching Crystals and Toning..this is only the beginning of what I have learned. It's just my OWN take on this of course, and this information is based on my own experiences using them with hundreds of clients and myself. It is well documented that each Hue-Man Be-ing is a Holographic Rainbow. But, did you know that Your God Presence resides in 5D and your body in 3D? or, that your Spirit, (or God Presence), sends down its white Light from 5D (where Spirit resides) into 3D (where FORM exists)? When this happens, the Light condenses or MATERializes, (by the Laws of Earths Physics), into your Hue-man Hologram. Yep,...that's right!! Each of us is really a Hologrammatic Rainbow in a form. Your Electrical System (which resembles a huge egg surrounding you) is anchored to your form with 7 whirling energy centers. These are called Chakras. Each Chakra vibrates with one of the COLORS or TONES of the Rainbow. Your Electrical Body is aligned with your Spirit (or NOT aligned,... it's your CHOICE) with Grids, Templates, Nadis and Axiotonal Meridiens. If you CHOOSE to MIS-align with your Spirit (after all this IS a Free Will experiment on Earth), these Grids and Templates Shift. This mis-alignment eventually grounds itself into the Hue-man Hologram (that's your body) and creates what we call DIS-ease. Now, as to how the Crystals work to produce alignment. Every Crystal has its own unique shape (which refracts the light in different ways), its own Color (which decides the frequency or band of Light it coincides with), its own records (etchings and marks on the inside and outside of the stone (some of which only come up in the presence of a particular person who can perceive them.)), and its own magnetic frequency. And, seeing as there are hundreds of might take a bit to learn about ALL of them. Just start with the ones you are very drawn to. Spirit knows best. So,... now that you HAVE all these stones, what are you supposed to DO with them anyway?? Well, can start by arranging them on the floor (or under your treatment table) in Sacred Geometric Patterns (6 sided stars, 8 sided stars, Pentacles) whatever YOUR Spirit draws YOU to do. The combinations and set ups are infinite, as you can lay one over another. When arranged (for best results use after they have set up for 24 hours), they create pulsating Mandalas of Light. NOW what do you do? You sit over the grid in a chair, or lay inside/above the grid. As you do, the Magnetic lines created by the Crystals gently align you with All-That-Is. When you are in alignment with your God Presence, your whole body starts to vibrate or pulse (you feel like you are humming inside). This feeling of vibrating is the Unconditional Love/Light Energy from your Spirit. It is very relaxing. You might ask what the other effects of the Crystals are? What about the part they play in Spiritual growth?? Well, vibrating at a higher strata of Light, starts the release of lower vibrational energies out of the Hue-man Hologram. These blockages, or lower vibrational energies, are ALWAYS released into the LIGHT. When you start to release them, just allow them to come to the surface..TRUST that what you are feeling will pass quickly. If you are releasing Confusion, you may feel Confused. If you're releasing Anger, you may feel Angry. This is normal. To RELEASE have to FEEL it,...or EXpress it. Let your I AM Presence guide you thru it. You'll be fine! Part of achieving "Consciousness" is the release of lower vibrational energies and doing it CONSCIOUSLY! You have to FEEL them as they are being released. This is where your Crystal Jewelry comes in handy. The Crystals create a Mandala of Light around you, (like a treatment TO GO). They also change the energies you are putting out. When a certain vibratory rate is achieved (this is decided by your Spirit), the veil of the 3rd eye starts to lift. This allows you to see yourself as you REALLY are...a "Co Creator of Heaven on Earth". Crystals also "tune you up" to receiving information & instruction from your OWN "I AM" or "GOD PRESENCE". Its sort of like tuning into your Spirits own radio Channel. Don't be discouraged if it takes awhile. Sometimes you have to play with the fine tuning to get the CHANNEL to come in clearly. Then, we come to the issue of Toning, AND if its useful in conjunction with Crystals. Toning is the use of the Throat Chakra (The Hue-man Voice) to vibrate your Hue-man Hologram at a higher and higher frequency of Light. It is very powerful with or without Crystals. When used WITH Crystals, the vibration coming from your God Presence, (thru your Throat Chakra), changes the vibration of the Crystals and accelerates your alignment with All That Is. As the Tones change, the Crystal Mandalas undulate in an ever changing dance of Light around you. Toning works just as well without Crystals though. Toning fifteen to twenty minutes a day produces very dramatic changes in vibration, and quickly. People used to tell me they felt odd just making Tones or humming, sitting there all by themselves. Its one of the reasons my husband Evon and I went into the studio and created the 3 Tonal/Sound Meditation CDs (theres more to come). Set for International distribution, these 3 Sound Meditation CDs are called "Ecstasy is a Frequency", "AngelTones" and "Sacred Chants and Tones" (that's the one used during Color and Sound Attunements with Aeva). Hey, what do you have to loose...try it for a week and see what happens. I DARE ya lol! You can purchase the CDS directly from the Artists for now at That's our E Bay Webstore. Remember to "Be the Color...Be the Sound". Love, Aeva (*PS the necklace shown is of rough Emeralds, Green Garnets and Shells. Emeralds are a stone for Sages. They make you feel more communicative. They also soften arrogance and self deprication. Green Garnets are for increased productivity and havingness. The Green Shell helps with survival issues of any kind.)

The Authentic Self...

Although I did NOT write this about the Authentic Self...I would like to share it with you all. It is the best description of same I have ever read. Whoever wrote this wonderful epistle...thanks for sharing. 1) The AUTHENTIC SELF KNOWS ONLY WHOLENESS. It knows It is one with the Whole Universe. This awareness creates balance and an understanding that wholeness is a state of being rather than a condition. Nothing can be taken from or added to All that is.2) THE AUTHENTIC SELF KNOWS ONLY REVERENCE FOR LIFE From an awareness of Its connectedness to the Whole, the Authentic Self sees all others as an extension of Itself. To do harm to another would be to harm ones self. Reverence gives birth to compassion and acts of loving kindness, which manifests as harmony.3) THE AUTHENTIC SELF KNOWS ONLY FEARLESSNESS Because It knows It is one with Life, the Authentic Self knows It is eternal, and thus, It is always in the Present moment. All fear is attached to loss of some sort, which may or may not take place in the future. Often, this fear is founded on experiences from the past, which then get projected into the future.4) THE AUTHENTIC SELF KNOWS ONLY HONESTY & INTEGRITY Being Fearless, It can only speak and act with honest and pure intent. It is never intimidated or moved by anger, manipulation or guilt from others as It communicates the truth with compassion, even when the truth is difficult for others to hear. Lastly, because It is so fully integrated in Its unity with the Universal Whole, It is incapable of violating Itself. It knows only integrity, even when no one is watching.5) THE AUTHENTIC SELF SEEKS NO APPROVAL, ONLY ALIGNMENT Being guided from a Center of Wholeness and Fearless Honesty It has no need to be validated or approved of by others. This does not mean It doesn’t honor other’s opinions, but It is not attached to them. It seeks no approval, only alignment with others; alignment creates balance.6) THE AUTHENTIC SELF IS NOT ATTACHED TO: - ACCOMPLISHMENTS - REQUITEMENTS - TITLES OR POSSESSIONS Having no need for approval, It is unattached to labels or things that symbolize power. Knowing It exists at the seat of Authentic Power, Spirit/God within. It is aware it has no need to seek power from the external world. It seeks only the “process” of being fully expressed 24/7) 7) THE AUTHENTIC SELF IS INCAPABLE OF BEING JUDGMENTAL Because It is one with the All (Spirit/God), It is incapable of judgment. To judge would be to separate Itself from the Whole—this is an impossibility. The Authentic Self has no common ground or point of identity with the egoic self which is where all judgment takes place—they exist on two different planes. The Authentic Self is the direct descendant of Unconditional Love which is the Essence of Spirit/God knowing Itself by means of It’s Creation. Amen to THAT for sure!!

Guide for the Correct Use of Aeva & Evons CDs!

The "Color and Sound Attunement CDs" were created to help you attain deeper and deeper states of Meditation. They were also created, to balance the Hue-Man electrical field, and draw your Holy Spirit into alignment with your Hue-Man Hologram. The Hue-Man body, is a direct reflection of that part of you, that is Spiritual in nature. These Spiritual energies are connected to your form at your 7 Chakras. The more in balance your Hue-Man form is electrically, the more of your Holy Spirit you can connect with. When using these CDs to align yourself with your Spirit, please make the time to do it correctly. Unplug the phone, take the dog out first, make the time to be able to be "Still". It is in that "Stillness" that God communicates with you. There is a beautiful Essene prayer that says, "Be Still....And know that I Am God". Using the CDs correctly is very easy. Choose a place that is clear of all commotion. Make it into your Meditation area...a "No Strive Zone" shall we say. Light a white candle. Put the CD on (ear phones are fact they are recommended). If you wish to lie so. Just make yourself comfortable, as the CD is about 20 minutes in length. As the CD plays...try and become the Sound. If you are drawn to Tone along with it, you will magnify the effects. It is the increase in vibration that is the key here. The more you Tone with the CD, the better the outcome. It takes about 30 days of daily Toning to see a real change. But, you will feel the effects the first time you use it. You don't have to Tone with the CD for it to work...but, it is recommended. You can do this with others if you wish. For each person in attendance, the energy is multiplied by 2. If there are 2 people present, it is the energy of 4. It there are 4's the energy of 16...and so on. Some people feel energized...some, find it a great sleep aid. See what works for you. Children love toTone and find it fun to do so. *Never use these CDs while driving! Toning is not a learned thing, it comes from inside you and is totally natural. Find a tone that seems correct to you and use it. It is a great stress reliever. Have fun Toning and remember,... each Tone=a Color. If you see colors with your eyes closed, its totally normal. Remember to..."Be the Color....Be the Sound", Aeva (*To purchase these Cds and DVDs directly, just go to

Abalone & Paua Shell Necklace and what it Aeva

This "Beautiful Thing by Aeva" was created from Abalone & Paua Shell Beads. The gorgeous SeaHorse Pendant was hand wrapped. (If you wish to shop directly, just go to the Webstore at and look under "Cape Cod Kinda Jewelry"). As for what it is said that Paua Shell assists you in difficult Karmas or Soul level transitions. And, that Abalone is for high frequency types because it is healing to the "Instinctive Center". Its especially good for those that live in a "high Intensity" state all the time as it creates a sense of calm. It makes the wearer feel less afraid. It is very useful for those who have exalted roles, goals and/or attitudes.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Guide to what E-Motions are connected to what Organic Systems!

During this time of great love and joy on this our "Light Bodies" start to shift into perfect harmony with our Hue-Man Holograms (thats your Bod lol)...lots and lots of accelerated detoxification is going on whether you know it or not. You're probably already aware of this process,... by the changes in how you feel (E-Motional roller coaster anyone lol?), changes in your perceptions of yourself and others, and the aches, pains and minor inconvieniences of having some latent DNA strands and Electrical Templates activated. Be this as it may...these aches and pains may be trying to tell you something. Might help to figure out what E-Motions are attached to what part of the Hue-Man Hologram. The following chart is from the "Tao System". This system teaches, that ALL (-) neg. polarized and (+) pos. polarized E-Motions, (as well as all the other pollutants you are trying to get rid of), are stored in the Organs. When the Organ goes on overload...the toxins, sediment, waste materials and the excess neg (-) polarized E-Motions, back up into the muscles which handle the overflow for each Organ. They act similarly to "back up tanks". This causes a clamping down of the muscles..and creates a feeling of overall stress. But, if you raise the vibratory level (through whatever means you are drawn, toning, chanting, crystals, meditation... doesn't matter how),...the increase in Chi moves the (-) polarized E-Motions and allow the (+) polarized E-Motions to ground in. This creates a feeling of overall calm,...the muscles relax and loosen. Listed below are details of the Muscles, and the E-Motions (neg (-) polarized when OUT of balance...pos (+) polarized when IN balance). Muscles and their Associated Negatively (-) Polarized and Positively (+) Polarized E-Motions 1) HANDS (-) Fear of Making Mistakes. (+) Goals. 2) FOREARMS (Brachioradialis, Forearm Extensors and Flexors) (corresponds to Stomach) (-) Rejection. Fear of Punishment. (+) Acceptance. Recognizing the Way to Proceed. 3) UPPER ARMS (correspond to Stomach and Spleen) BICEPS, TRICEPS and DELTOIDS (correspond to Lung) (-) I can't do it. Weakness. Fear of Lack of Capacity. (+) I can do it. Strength and Capacity. 4) SCAPULAR (corresponds to Triple Heater, one of the main energetic Meridiens of the Hue-Man Hologram) (-) Fear of taking Risks. Not willing to take any Risks. Cowardly. (+) Vitality. Radiant Power/Lifeforce. Responsive. Takes action. Brave. 5) SCM, SCALEANUS and NECK MUSCLES (correspond to Stomach) UPPER TRAPEZIUS MUSCLES (correspond to Kidney) (-) Guilt. Fear. Turtle Hiding. (+) Expressive. Takes Risks. 6) FEET (correspond to Spine) (-) Fear of Being Oneself. (+) Takes a Stand. Projects. Leaves a mark on the World. 7) LOWER LEGS and CALFS (correspond to Adrenals and Triple Heater) 8) UPPER LEGS (correspond to Small Intestine) (-) Lack of Support. (+) Feeling supported in all things. 9) HIPS, PSOAS and ILIACUS (correspond toKidney, the "engines of the body" in Chinese Medicine) (-) Fear. Disloyalty. Lack of Commitment. (+) Loyalty. Commitment. Letting Go. 10) SACREM (corresponds to Circulation/Sex) (-) Insecurity. (+) Feeling Secure. Rootedness. Stability. 11) LUMBAR SPINE (corresponds to Bladder) (-) Fear of "being taken advantage of". Fear of being Cheated. (+) Ability. Bravery. Courage. Able to take charge in any situation. 12) THORACIC SPINE and RIB CAGE (corresponds to Bladder) (-) Fear. Cowardice. Running away. (+) Ability to perform no matter what is happening. 13) RIBS (correspond to Lungs) (-) Sorrow. Grief. (+) Vitality. Surrender. Openness. 14) CERVICAL SPINE (corresponds to Neck Extensors) (-) Inappropriateness. Tiredness. (+) Clarity. 15) SKULL (corresponds to the Breathe and Breathing) HEAD (corresponds to the Temples) (-) Fear of not Understanding. (+) Environmental Awareness. Being truely present in the moment. 16) JAW (corresponds to Stomach) (-) Frustration. Repulsion. (+) Knowing what you want AND need. 17) OCCIPUT (corresponds to back of the Skull) (-) Dullness. Worry. (+) Inspiration. 18) STERNUM, PECTORALIS MUSCLES (correspond to Liver) (-) Anger. Resentment. (+) Openness. Valiance. Dignity. And remember...."Be the Color...Be the Sound"! Love, Aeva O:)

Friday, May 8, 2009

Jewelry as an adjunct for Color and Sound Attunements

People often ask me how I got into Jewelry making. Well, it all started with collecting crystals for over 30 years. I have thousands of them now. No one was really into the crystal thing when I started experimenting with them in the early 80s. They were fascinating to me and still are. I found that Crystals vibrate the Hue-man Hologram at a higher and higher rate when used repeatedly (sort of like charging up a battery). And, that each of them vibrates according to their Color and or Tone because each Color = a Tone or Sound. As time went on,...I learned which Crystals / Vibrations / Tones did what to which Meridien (the electrical wires of the body are called Meridiens), and it became obvious to me that wearing them would increase your Vibration as well. I began to see the Jewelry as "attunements / treatments" for the person wearing them. If a client needed more DRY HEAT...Cinnabar was used. If they needed to balance / explore their E-Motions, Coral was called for (Coral deals with Water Force which rules E Motions and how they flow). I began to see the wisdom of the Ancients wearing certain stones in Head Pieces, Breastplates etc. To ME, the Jewelry is a "Wearable Attunement" as well as Fine Art. I just started creating Chakra Balancing Jewelry once again (did it all thruout the 80s and 90s)...and wished to start the Jewelry section of my Blog with them as an example of how Jewelry can be Artwork and "a treatment" at the same time. Clients are generally drawn to whatever stones they NEED, but, generic pieces can be created that are balancing for just about anyone. The Chakra Balancing Necklace and Earring Sets have stones from each one of the Chakra Colors. The Earrings are Black and White for the balance of Yin and Yang. They come in Gold Filled (I can use 24kt Gold beads if you're drawn to that) and Sterling Silver. Gold represents the Solar Force (the Fathers Force) and Silver represents the Lunar Force (the Mothers Force). When Crystals are used in conjunction with Toning (making Sounds vocally or with Tuning Forks etc)...the Vibration of the Crystal changes and multiplies. So here are the Chakra Balancing Necklace and Earring sets. Don't forget..."Be the Color...Be the Sound" Enjoy!! Aeva

Friday, May 1, 2009

Some "LIGHT READING" on HOW to use Color and Sound!

I wanted to pass along some "Light" summer reading to you,...on "Color and Sound as Healing Modalities". 1) "Gem Elixers and Vibrational Healing" (volumes 1 and 2) by Gurudas. Cassandra Press, Boulder, Co. 80306 2) "The Crystalline Transmission, A Synthesis of Light", (volumes 1, 2 and 3) by Katrina Raphael. Aurora Press, POB 573 Santa Fe, N.M. 87504 3) "Sacred Sounds, Transformation thru Music and Words" by Ted Andrews. Llewellyn Publications, St Paul, MN. 55164-0383. 4) "Color Medicine, The Secrets of Color/Vibrational Healing" by Charles Klotsche c/o "The 49th Vibration, Inc. POB 371, Sedona, N.M. 86336. 5) "Light Years Ahead" (An Illustrated Guide to Full Spectrum and Colored Light in Mind, Body, Spirit Healing) Light Years Ahead Publications, Celestial Arts, Berkeley, California. 6) "Let There be Light" by Darius Dinshaw (Practical Manual for Spectro Chrome Therapy) Dinshaw Health Society, Malaga, N.J. 08328. 7) "Spectro-Chrome Metry Encyclopedia" by Darius Dinshaw. Dinshaw Health Society, Malaga, N.J. 08328 (if you're a serious practitioner # 6 and #7 are a must to have). 8) "Colour", "The Arts and Their Mission", "Knowledge of the Higher Worlds", "Lectures on the History of Art", "The Nature of Colours", "Psychology of the Arts" by Rudoph Steiner, Rudolph Steiner Press, London,...and the Rudolph Steiner Library. 9) "The Theory of Color" by J.W. von Goethe, M.I.T. 10) "The Keys of Enoch" by J.J. Hurtok (been studying this one since 1987...MY personal favorite I must admit). The Academy of Future Science, POB FE, Los Gatos, California 95031. 11) "Enochian Magic" (A Practical Manual) by Gerald and Betty Schueler. Llewellyn's High Magic Series, Llewellyn's Publications, St. Paul. Minnesota 55164-0383. 12) "An Advanced Guide to Enochian Magic" (A Complete Manual of Angelic Magic) by Gerald Schueler. Llewellyn Publications, St. Paul, Minnesota, 55164-0383. "The Enochian Magick of Dr. John Dee" by Jeffrey James. Llewellyn Publications, POB 64383, St. Paul, Minnesota 55164-0383. 13) The "Right Use of Will" Books by CeAnne De Rohan "Be the Color...Be the Sound". Love, Aeva

The Perception of Sound and how Vocal Tonation Works!

Did you know that the ear reverberates much like a TUNING FORK? And, that the delicate fibers inside the ear are tuned to certain tones? Or, that EACH OF THESE TONES CORRESPONDS TO A SPECIFIC ORGAN or ORGANIC SYSTEM? Unlike other sense organs, the ear does not alter what comes to it from outside. The ear is also related to a sense that is much more ancient, "the SENSE OF SPATIAL ORIENTATION". This Sense enables you to experience the three dimensions of space. Deep in the ears interior, we find THREE REMARKABLE LOOPS. These loops form three semi-circular canals that stand perpendicularly, one on top of the other. They are "remnants of the Sense of Space", which is much older than the "Sense of Hearing". Formerly, we perceived space in the same way we perceive sound today. Now, this "Sense of Space" has become part of us. We are no longer conscious of it. This "Sense of Space" perceives the "REALITY" around us. The "Sense of Hearing" perceives Tones/Vibrations as Sound. This means that the Vibrations pass into the ear and become part of Linear Time (or sound). So, logically, it follows, that if we CONSIST of LIGHT and SOUND, we can be aligned with LIGHT and SOUND. Much as a Martial Artist can concentrate Electrical Energy (or Chi as the Oriental Masters call it), to break boards and bricks, SOUND CAN BE USED TO BREAK UP BLOCKAGES IN THE HUE-MAN BODY. Dis-Ease is nothing more than the disruption and/or stagnation of electrical flow. During COLOR and SOUND ATTUNEMENTS, (after a 30 to 60 minute intake), (don't worry the questions are easy ones), you lay on the specially designed treatment table (fully clothed, electromagnetics goes thru just about everything) and certain VOCAL TONATIONS are made. Acupuncture points are gently touched on the head, feet and hands. As you RELAX MORE AND MORE...immersed in the Sounds of the VOCAL TONATIONS, you start to "BECOME THE SOUND". You become more aware of the electrical pulses flowing thru your body. This increased energy flow flushes, charges and energizes at the same time. It is extremely relaxing and energizing at the same time. The Vocal Sounds (OR TONATIONS), took many, many years to research and learn, and there is still much more to Master. I have created three VOCAL TONATION and ATTUNEMENT CDs to help you do this at home. They are definately NOT YOUR MOTHER'S MEDITATIONS. These CDs are NOT music perse...although many find them melodic and harmonic. Sometimes, they are not especially "easy listening" either. They are designed to move electrical blockages and to deepen your states of Meditation. During a Color and Sound Attunement session with Aeva, Tonations are done live, and, with the assistance of the Tonation CDs. Each Color and Sound Attunement lasts about 20 minutes. The first CD is entitled "Ecstasy is a Frequency" Vol. 1. This particular CD is designed to align all 5 of your electric bodies (Mental, Physical, Spiritual, E-Motional and Etheric). This CD consists of ONLY VOCAL TONATIONS which are attunements. It is approximately 40 minutes in duration. It is $10.00 (plus $4, S and H in the US, International shipping is $5). The second CD is entitled "AngelTones" Vol. 2. This CD is more spiritually oriented. Its goal is to create inner peace, increase mental clarity and develop deeper states of Meditation. This CD consists of ONLY VOCAL TONATIONS which are attunements. It is approximately 40 minutes in duration. It is $10.00 (plus $4, S and H in the US, International shipping is $5). CD number 3 is the one used in the actual Color and Sound Attunements with Aeva. It is entitled "Sacred Chants and Tones" Vol. 3. It is everyones favorite so far. A great STRESS RELIEVER, "Sacred Chants and Tones" takes you to another space "BE" in. This CD consists of VOCAL TONATIONS and SACRED CHANTS in many languages. It is approximately 40 minutes duration. It is $10.00 (plus$4, S and H in the US, International shipping is $5). Also available for your DE-LIGHT and ENLIGHTENMENT, are two live lectures on DVD. The first is entitled "COLOR AND SOUND AS HEALING MODALITIES". This DVD teaches us about the HUE-MAN HOLOGRAM and the ways to treat its imbalances (or dis-eases) using Color and Sound. This live presentation is an excellent teaching tool for beginners AND advanced students. It speaks on the Hue-Man rainbow that is your electrical field. You observe very simple, but profound techniques for moving blockages, strengthening the entire immune system, and dramatically relieving stress. You will observe how to initiate, accelerate and support the bodies own NATURAL HEALING PROCESSES. Topics discussed VOCAL TONATION, ELECTROMAGNETIC HEALING, ADVANCED CRYSTAL LAYOUTS, GEM ELIXERS, HYDROCHOMATHERAPY (charging distilled water with colored light and/or sound for ingestion), SPECTROCHROMATHERAPY (use of colored light) and much much more. This DVD runs about 1 hour and was made for Cable TV. Cost $20.00 (plus $4, S and H in the US, $5 International Shipping). The second DVD is entitled "SOUND, SOUND, SOUND". In this DVD, you will learn how Sound affects you. Included, are simple techniques to stimulate the entire Immune System, calm the E-Motions, increase Mental clarity and RAISE YOUR CONSIOUSNESS LEVEL. Also included...thoughts on why most Spiritual practices have included some type of music, chanting and or singing thruout the ages. It also explores sound techniques from the ANCIENT MYSTERY SCHOOLS....Druidic, Enochian, Egyptian, Essene and Gnostic to mention a few. Included are "The 6 ANCIENT SOUNDS OF THE ORIENTAL MASTERS" FOR INNER BALANCE and the use of " SACRED HARP MUSIC" by some sects, to attain "Ecstatic States". Info about "TUNING UP WITH TUNING FORKS" and the "USE OF SOUND WITH CRYSTALS" is also included in this 1 hr presentation made for Cable TV. Cost of this DVD is $20.00 (plus $4, S and H in the US, $5 International shipping). Suggestions for the proper use of the CDs also included. Inquiries, questions, comments....feel free to contact me. "Be the Color...Be the Sound". Love, Aeva

How the Color or Vibration Scarlet effects you!

The last of the 13 color rays in the Spectro Chrome Therapy is Scarlet. It is an adrenal and kidney stimulant. It can also be used as a general stimulant. It increases the functional activity of the arteries. It raises blood pressure in three ways 1) constricts the vessels 2) increases the heart rate and 3) stimulates the activity of the kidneys and adrenals. It accelerates fetal expulsion at time of delivery. It is an e-motional stimulant. It builds sexual powers, by increasing sensitivity and desire when its deficient. It stimulates the reproductive system and menstrual functions. The equivilent frequency of the color Scarlet is 497.9. The musical note is G# and D. The music note frequency is 501. Scarlet predominates over the Elements argon, dyprosium, erbium, holmium, lutecium, manganese, thulium and ytterbium. "Be the Color...Be the Sound". Love, Aeva

How the Color or Vibration Magenta effects you!

Magenta is the next in the line of Spectro Chrome Therapy. It is an E-motional equilibrator and an auric builder. It builds and equilibrates the functional activity of the heart, the circulatory system, the kidneys and adrenals, the reproductive system and the kidneys depending on where you tonate the body. Magentas equivalent frequency is 531.5. Its musical notes are G and E and the frequency is 525. The color Magenta predominates over the Elements...lithium, potassium, rubidium and strontium. "Be the Color...Be the Sound". Love, Aeva

How the Color or Vibration Turquoise effects you!

Turquoise is another one of the 13 color rays used in Spectro Chrome Therapy. Turquoise produces a favorable change in the processes of nutrition. It also repairs recent dis-orders (acute dis-orders). It is a brain depressent. It rebuilds burned skin..and is an excellent skin tonic. It is a great equilibrator after extended use of infra-Green tonations. The Spectro Chrome color Turquoise equivalent frequency is 565. Its musical note is C# ,...with its music note frequency=554. The Vibration of Turquoise predominates over the Elements...chromium, flourine, mercury, nickel, niobium, tantalum and zinc.

How the Color or Vibration Lemon effects you!

The is the color designated as Lemon (I know it looks more like Lime lol..but, according to Darius Dinshaw...this IS the color, bear with me here ok?). It is another one of the 13 color rays used in Spectro Chrome Therapy. This particular shade of Lemon Yellow produces a favorable change in the processes of nutrition and repair in persistent disorders. It promotes coughing to expel mucus and fluids from the lungs and air passages. Its a bone builder. Its a brain and thyroid stimulant, and a thyroid builder as well. Lemon mildly stimulates the digestive system. It is the equilibrator after extended use of Ultra Green tonations. The Spectro Chrome color Lemon equivalent frequency is 497.9. Its musical note is B. Its musical note frequency is 494. The color Lemon predominates over the following Elements...cerium, germanium, gold, hafnium, iodine, iron, lanthanum, neodymium, phosphorus, praseodymium, protoactinium, samarium, scandium, silver, sulphur, thorium, titanium, uranium, vanadium, yttrium and zirconium. "Be the Color...Be the Sound". Love, Aeva

How the Color or Vibration Violet effects you!

Violet is the color of the seventh energy center or chakra. It is called the crown chakra, and is located at the top of the head. It controls the pituitary gland. It is the region of pure spirituality. When the crown chakra is fully activated, man will have reached a state of "perfect awareness". Violet is the inspiration for the creation of great art, music and philosophy. This is the ray that controls mental dis-ease. It relieves over stimulated nerves, reduces excitement and irritation. it is antiseptic in action and is used in cases of diarrhea, kidney and bladder problems. In cases of psychosomatic illness, Violet is recommended. It aids in clearing the mental dis-orders which are causing the problems. This color is helpful with scalp problems and baldness. It decreases muscle activity, including heart muscle. Most people have little to do with this energy or how to use its potential. But, people who have learned how to train and use their intuition, will discover a fantastic potential of the crown chakra and its Violet energy. Through the crown chakra, we can obtain a connection with "all that is". Contact with teachers of Hue-man and non Hue-man origens is facilitated. These Be-ings are always around to help us out, if we figure out how to contact them using the energies of the Violet ray. With Violet energy, we have possibilities and gifts that reach far beyond the physical plane. We may experience our existance as an integrated part of the spiritual universe. From this energy, is created the inspiration that makes authors, healers, and all other people who express and bring thru Divine power. The Violet energy is the energy over all the other energies, and has the most intense electrochemical power. Violet corresponds to sour taste. The extreme Violet/Blue energy is very stimulating to the nervous system. It has an intense cleansing power and inspires our spiritual nature. Violet stimulates the highest Hue-man ideals in the arts, music, poetry and all other creative endeavors. The famous artist Leonardo da Vinci said that "our will power will increase 10 fold, if we meditate under Violet stained glass or light. When the light shines thru the Violet glass, it provides us with the highest energies". However, since Violet has the highest vibrational speed of all the colors, not everyone can utilize it. Many people avoid this color and do not like it at all. This may be because it cleases the thoughts and e-motions rapidly and thoroughly. All who are not of a creative nature would feel frustrated and possibly ill at ease in Violet surroundings. But, if we are in balance and connected to the Violet energy, the whole world is open to us. Violet PHYSICALLY...the color Violet gives energy to the Spleen and the Lymphatic system. It helps kill off bacteria and heal skin rashes. MENTALLY...from ancient times, Violet has been known to be the color of spirit. It enhances spiritual power and creativity. It is this color that is the "first aid box" of metaphysics. But, it may not be the best color for the beginner in meditation. The POSITIVE SIDE of Violet...great mental strength, inspirational leaders, kindly and just, humanitarians, self sacrificing, pure idealism. The NEGATIVE SIDE of Violet...superiority, arrogance, snobbishness, disloyal, fanatical. Violet MAY HELP have e-motional problems, you feel you need to move the situation you're in, you feel you need to build your creativity, or you feel you need to strengthen your spiritual values. You should NOT USE Violet are depressed or totally out of balance. Violet ESSENTIAL OILS...lavendar oil is beneficial for headaches and migraines. It increases circulation to the skin. It is good for minor burns and sunburns, insect bites and eczema. Lavendar relaxes you physically, mentally and e-motionally. It warms the heart and is good for insomnia. Add 5 drops of lavendar to you bath. If you add jasmine oil, it will give your Violet bath a luxurious feeling. Jasmine has an uplifting and optimistic effect and soothes the nerves. It is good for dry and sensitive skin. Another relaxing bath is 1 drop patchouli, 4 drops lavendar. Violet AFFIRMATION..."let the Violet flame flow thru me and around me..cleansing and invigorating my whole me new life and new energy". Violet TIPS...A library or classroom would benefit greatly from this color. Use Violet in a playroom if you wish to develop your childs creativity. It would also be beneficial in a theatre setting, or where one wishes to develop the imagination. But, again, there must be balance. With too much Violet, one may wish to escape reality into a fantasy world, far too often. Violet CLOTHING...we project the image of an unconventional and idealistic person. To some, Violet indicates a dreamer, a mystic and an individualistic thinker. Violet FOODS...eggplant, grapes. The ASTROLOGICAL SIGN and PLANET for Violet...the Astrological sign = Aquarius, the Planets = Saturn and Uranus. Violet/Red = Pisces, Planets = Jupiter and Neptune. Monday is a Violet day. Violet Crystals...alexandrite, flourite, amethyst, charoite, lepidolite and sugilite. When meditating with Violet light...go SLOWLY. This color produces RAPID CHANGE. The Spectro-Chrome color Violet's equivalent frequency is 665.7. The Music note name is E. The music note frequency is 659. The Violet Ray predominates over Actinium, Cobalt, Gadolinium and Terbium. "Be the Color" and " Be the Sound". Love, Aeva

How the Color or Vibration Indigo effects you!

Indigo is the color of the sixth energy center or chakra. It is also called the Pineal Chakra or the Third Eye. This energy center is the "seat of intuition" and "extrasensory powers" such as clairvoyance and telepathy. it is here, that creativity truly begins, and man becomes aware of the tremendous sources of knowledge, and energy available to him. Violent mental disturbances are calmed by Indigo. It is a parathyroid builder and stimulant, while depressing the thyroids functions. It is said to cause contractions, control abcesses, reduce secretions, arrest discharges and hemorrhages. It acts as a sedative as well. One of its most important functions is to promote the production of white blood cells to fight infections. It is thru this chakra you may withdraw into yourself. Many people withdraw into themselves for peace and quiet, for example, in meditation. Some people withdraw too much...some people with mental disorders might prefer not to return to the Real World with all its demands and responsibilities. They feel this world is too demanding and aggressive. But, then again, balance is the most important thing in life. When you use this color properly, you can use your inner space as a retreat. All intuitive energies are found on this color ray, as well as all reincarnational experiences. In Indigo energy, is found the understanding of life's lessons. it gives energy to "Seekers of truth and love", the people who teach by their own example. There is a saying, "seek and ye shall find". When we obtain contact with the vibrations of Indigo, we better understand the meaning of our lives. We learn to accept things we cannot change. It is thru accepting and letting "locked situations" go, that things get better. It is thru loosing something, that we find something better. The Indigo energy should serve the Universe with a helping and comforting spirit. However, if negatively balanced, one will withdraw, and live in solitude, refusing to take part in lifes processes and to take responsibility for ones own self. These people become cynical, intolerant, ruthless and no longer capable of helping themselves or others. Indigo PHYSICALLY...Indigo brings energy to the pineal gland, which is linked to the nervous system, mental abilities, and the psychic potential in each Hue-man Be-ing. The organs of the senses, such as sight and sound, are also under the influence of Indigo energy. MENTALLY...Indigo energy not only helps cleanse the bloodstream, but, it also has a cleansing effect on finer nervous functions. It has a psychological balancing influence on fear, frustration and the distortion of inner energy. The POSITIVE side of Indigo...intuitive, fearless, fulfillment of ones duty, practicality, idealistic, and very active in ones surroundings. The NEGATIVE side of Indigo...fearful, intolerant, impractical, judgmental, sees only the dark side of things, melancholy. Indigo MAY BE HELPFUL have insomnia, you need to calm your nerves and your lymphatic system, you have hearing problems, you have skin problems. Indigo ESSENTIAL OILS...patchouli is an herb from India. The flowers are white with a tinge of Violet. The oil is stimulating in small doses and soothing in larger ones. It is a strong nerve stimulant. The scent is like Myrrh. Patchouli is good for people who blush easily. It is also for people who have wrinkled or very dry skin. It is wonderful for people with puffy or saggy skin that comes with aging. Its greatest benefit is its psychological effect on thoughts. It helps you to see them more clearily, so that you may attack them more objectively. Add 5 to 6 drops of patchouli to you bath. Should you want a mroe relaxing effect, add 5 or 6 drops of frankencense oil to is as well. Indigo AFFIRMATION..."Let the Indigo enrgy connect me with Divine kkowledge and understanding, so, I may receive God's help in my everyday life". Indigo TIPS...Indigo strengthens and inspires intuition, thus the color may be use wherever creative endeavors take place. it is not a color for large areas. it is more for a room used for good influences. Great for therapy rooms. Indigo wearing Indigo clothing, you show that you can have an unconventional way of Be-ing. You may seem individualistic and radical. You show you are interested in others, and in new ideas with a philisophical and universal backround. Indigo FOODS...plums, eggplant, bluegrapes. The ASTROLOGICAL SIGN and PLANET for Indigo...The ASTROLOGICAL sign = Capricorn, Planet = Saturn. Saturday is an Indigo day. Indigo flourite. The Spectro-Chrome color Indigo equivalent frequency is 632.1. The musical note is D#. The Music note frequency is 622. Indigo predominates the Elements Bismuth, Ionium, Lead and Polonium. Why not try sitting in Indigo light for 10 or 15 minutes and then journal what the effects were. Have fun with color light experimentation. "Be the Color" ... "Be the Sound". Love, Aeva

How the Color or Vibration Blue effects you!

Blue is the color of the 5th energy center or chakra. It is located over the throat area, and is know as the thyroid chakra as well. Blue is the color of truth, loyalty, devotion and inspiration. It is an aid to introspection and meditation. It is the spiritual inspiration we need, to lift ourselves above the mental and physical planes. It has a cooling and soothing effect. It is used to control fevers and bleeding. It has been useful in speeding the recovery time after surgery. It is relaxing and induces sleep. All dis-eases of the eyes, ears, nose and throat respond to Blue energy. It is good for horseness, laryngitis, sore throats, goiter, toothaches, and teething pain. It encourages perspiration and stimulates the pineal gland. It is used to relieve itching, and to soothe abraded surfaces. Blue soothes tired nerves and alleviates the agony and pain we might suffer thru physical stresses. Despite its soothing effects, Blue energy is also very stimulating, but on a more spiritual level...where it is truly uplifting. The nature of Blue energy is to connect Hue-man Be-ings with the Cosmic Universe. It is the color of communication. With Blue enrgies, we move into the spiritual aspects of life. The sky and ocean give us the feeling that life is an endless process. The truth about life becomes more clear, when we get in touch with our inner selves. Blue is the color of the Soul, and, Blue is the color of the greatest healing power in the universe. Blue connects us all with the Highest power inside us all. The Spirit knows the "meaning of Life", WHY we are on Earth, and the lessons we need to complete in our lifetimes. Blue is the color of purity and those that like Blue, like beauty in form. Blue is the most antiseptic color in the world. The light from this color is cool and electric. It soothes the eyes and mind. While Red is expanding, Blue is contracting, and things calm down. The color Blue may even help the body to fight dis-ease. Blue Physically...Blue sends energy to problems caused by hemorrhoids, warts and climate. Active children should do their homework in Blue light. Blue energizes the throat as it is thru the throat that we express ourselves. Words carry power...Blue represents the "S-word of God"...(Sacred Word). Blue energy is connected with sound and the voice. All teachers, university professors, politicians, actors, singers and anyone else that uses their voices in a loud and clear way to express themselves, are using Blue energy. The POSITIVE side of, loyalty, tact, affectionate, inspiring and inventive. The NEGATIVE side of Blue...ambitious, disloyal, perfidious, lack of faith, suspicious, apathetic, snobbish, and e-motionally unstable. Blue energy MAY HELP need to calm your nerves and mind, you have bites, bruises and or itching, you cannot sleep, you have menstruation problems, you have problems with eyes, ears, nose or throat, you have had a shock, you have a fever (try putting your fet in blue water or exposing yourself to Blue light). Blue ESSENTIAL OILS... germanium oil is derived from an herb. It has a refreshing scent and is excellent in a refreshing and relaxing bath. Grmanium develops the balance of Yin and Yang. It is especially good for greasy skin. It is a repellent for insects. Add 5 top 6 drops of germanium oil in your bath, add 2 drops of rose, 4 drops of lemon and 2 drops of rasemary. This one is particularly good for older, dryer skin. Rose oil is also wonderful in a Rose bath. Blue AFFIRMATION..."Let the Blue energy flow thru me, so that may give forth that which I learn and have learned. Let the Blue energy bring me to the highest for of ex-pression from my Holy Divine Presence". Blue TIPS...Blue is a calming color, and, like the color Green, is fine for rooms meant for rest and relaxation. It is a great color for bedrooms. The expansive expression of the Blue color makes small rooms seem largr than they are. Singing or TONING in a Blue bath has an amazing cleansing effect on the Hue-man electrical field. Water helps to cleanse the etheric body, and sound loosens up any negative vibrations in the atmoshere that surrounds you. Blue wearing Blue clothes, you show your ability to diversify. it has a very calming effect. You seem competent and able to tackle anything. With Blue, you seem interested in change, freedom, and progress. With too much Blue, it may seem as if you are not tied by any standards of proper behavior. it may make one dictatorial. Blue FOODS... blueberries, blue fish. The STROLOGICAL SIGN and PLANET for Blue...Astrological sign = Sagittarius, Planet = Jupiter. Thursday is a Blue day. BLUE CRYSTALS...flourite, turquoise, kyanite, indicolite, sapphire, smithsonite, angelite, spectrolite, lapis lazuli, eilat, blue lace agate, iolite, laramar, sodalite and celestite. The Spectro-Chrome color is BLUE. The equivalent frequency is 598.6. The Name of the musical note that corresponds to Blue is D. And, the music note frequency for Blue energy is 587. The Elements predominated by the Blue vibration are Cesium, Indium and Oxygen. Why not try the Blue experiment..see what happens? Get yourself a Blue light bulb (the darker blue the better). Darken the room, turn on the Blue light, and sit or lie in it. Breathe slowly and look at the light. Breathe the light in and see it fill you up. Become the Blue light. See it entering every pore of your be-ing, calming and cleansing it of all its impurities. Do this for about 15 minutes. Then, journal when your experience was. For those of you that enjoy experimenting with colored light...check out the Summer reading list for more info on same. "Be the Color...Be the Sound". Love, Aeva

How the Color or Vibration of Green effects you!

Green is the color of the fourth energy center, or the Heart chakra. It is located directly over the Heart. The Heart chakra controls the Heart and Tymus gland. The color Green is the color of sympathy, of understanding, of nature and rejuvenation. It is also the color of wealth and abundance. Green is the balance between the body, mind, Spirit and e-motions. It is a beneficial color regardless of condition. It balances all the systems, and produces the calmness and tranquility of nature. It builds new muscle and tissue, as well as new life and hope. it is used for Heart conditions, tumors and cancers, neuralgia, headache, influenza, head colds, boils, ulcers and hay fever. It assists with varicose veins. Green lowers the blood pressure, while reducing muscular and nervous tension. In cases of insomnia (where depression is a factor), Green is the most effective. It is the color to use for all over physical and mental balance. Green is considered "the Great Equilibrator". The color Green has alot to do with how you feel about yourself. Those who like green are great givers. What we do with this energy may be compared to "as you shall you receive". We also talk about people having "green thumbs"...those that have a knack for making everything grow. Contact with nature is very important if you wish to be in balance, and have a peaceful and harmonious life. One thing you can do if you feel yourself needing green energy,... go to the woods, backyard, local park...and just "BE". Find a tree, stand with your back against it. Put your left arm behind you around the trunk, put your right hand over your Solar Plexus. Breathe deeply and quietly ask the tree to share its energy with you (ok it sounds silly, just humor me and do it ok lol). Why not try it and see if it might be surprised. Oh, and remember to thank the tree for sharing. If you notice you're wearing alot of Green clothing..and that you surround yourself with Green, are probably harboring anxiety that you are not even aware of. Try to bring in some warmer colors....Red would be a good one, as it is complimentary to Green. Yellow might not be so good. We are all in need of expressing ourselves, but, if we exaggerate the Green...we may easily become to moralizing and put ourselves on a pedestal. You may like to impress people and be admired... rather than being loved. PHYSICALLY Green...brings energy to the heart, lungs bronchia, arms, hands and the circulatory system. MENTALLY Green...brings a feeling of renewal, of new life, freshness and clarity. This color also governs the e-motions and how they are expressed from the heart. Heart attacks sometimes come, as a result of dread of giving, a fear of being involved in anything, or a fear of getting hurt. An offended or hurt Green person, who feels they have lost face...may also get stomach troubles. If such e-motional feelings and problems are not addressed, and extend over long periods of time, hypertension and/or heart attacks can occur. The Heart is the center of the Spirit/Soul. It is the Heart that makes us fellow Hue-man be-ings. But, the most important thing is, that Love is the leading principle in life. Having children develops the Heart center. We have to accept love, and love our children HOW they are, and for WHAT they are. We help them on their own terms and love them without expecting anything in return. We should do the same with our fellow Hue-man be-ings. When our Heart center is balanced, we are able to give positive feelings and happiness, unconditionally, and to everyone. The POSITIVE side of Green...harmonic, loves children and animals, understanding, self controlled, adaptable, sympathetic, compassionate, generous and humble. The NEGATIVE side of Green...lack of discrimination, dishonest with money, holds onto possessions, jealous, reckless, stingy and cruel. Green energy can HELP YOU need to soothe your nerves, headaches, you feel out of balance, you have chronic dis-ease, you have digestive problems or you need to calm down before an important meeting. Green BATHS...emerald Green is a color that has been used throughout the ages to enhance truth and knowledge. There is a strong vibration to the emerald Green color, so, if you wish to bathe in it, you should be reasonably healthy. Turqouise, is a mix of Green and Blue colors. It is a very soothing color and is good for enhancing public speaking. Green ESSENTIAL OILS...eucalyptus oil come from the silvery Blue Green leaves of one of the tallest trees on Earth. It produces a camphorous smell. The oil has an antiseptic effect. it dissolves mucous, stimulates the skin and relaxes the muscles. Add 3 drops of Eucalyptus oil to your bath water, 3 drops of Lemon and 2 drops Thyme oil. Sandalwood is another beneficial oil for baths. The smell is sweet and it contains sandalwood, rose and spice. The oil of sandalwood is one of the most beneficial for skin problems. It is the classic choice for dry skin. It relieves itching and acts as an antiseptic in acne. A recommended dosage is 5 to 6 drops in a bath. Green AFFIRMATION..."Let the Green energy flow thru my Heart and bring me peace, harmony, and balance in all things". Green TIPS...Green is a good color for bedrooms and kitchens. For example, you may want to keep alot of Green plants in your kitchen. However, in a room where you are working and need mental creativity, Green is NOT good (unless you add a bit of Yellow in with it). In workshops, where people are working putting thoughts into practice, Green is NOT a good color. On Green CLOTHING... when you are wearing Green, it gives the impression of stability, tradition and practicality. You look down to Earth and seem efficient and positive. Too much Green, makes you seem stiff and not very agile. You will seem analytical and non imaginative when it comes to originality. Green FOODS...avacado, beans, broccoli, cucumbers, salad, peas, squash. The ASTROLOGICAL SIGN and PLANET for Green...Greens Astrological Sign = Libra, Planet = Venus. Blue/Green = Scorpio, Planet = Mars. Friday is a Green day. Green crystals...aventurine, malachite, variscite, diopside, smithsonite, serpentine, bloodstone, chrysocolla and peridot. Ok, same experiment here....get yourself a Green lightbulb. Darken the room as much as possible and turn on the Green light. Sit in the Green light for 10 to 15 minutes, breathing slowly and calmly,...seeing the Green color invigorating your whole be-ing with balance. Then journal your experience of Green. Spectro-Chrome color Green's equivalent frequency = 531.5. Greens musical note is C. The Music note frequency = 523. The vibration or color Green predominates over the elements...Barium, Chlorine, Nitrogen, Radium, Tellurium and Thallium. Have fun and remember to "Be the Color" and "Be the Sound".

How the Color or Vibration Yellow effects you!

Yellow is the color of the third chakra. It is located at the Navel, and controls the Pancreas. Yellow is the color of the mind, intelligence and the intellect of man. Yellow is the color of studying and learning. It represents brightness, newness and open mindedness. The color Yellow inspires new thoughts. It is a stimulant for the Nervous system and is recommended for cases of stroke or paralysis. Yellow stimulates the heart, liver and gallbladder. It is also very useful for stomach disorders. This is the color most effective in cases of constipation and intestinal disorders. it stimulates the pancreas, intestines and the production of digestive fluids (like bile and hydrochloric acid). Yellow depresses the spleen, while stimulating the lymphatic system. It is the color of choice for cases of Diabetes. Golden Yellow energy is related to wisdom,...wisdom in thoughts, words and deeds. The Solar Plexus chakra is often called the Brain of the Nervous system and is the "most critical point" of all vitalization points in the Hue-man body. When we are stressed for instance, we eat too much, or cannot stand the sight of food at all. If your Solar Plexus is in balance, you should not suffer from gall stones, ulcers, catarrh of the large intestine, or Diabetes. These dis-eases show that there are problems controlling your feelings, or, in having them at all. A well balanced Solar Plexus chakra shows a person who is spontaneous and open, who can laugh or cry, be nervous or afraid; a person who can be him or herself in all stiuations or moods. People might then say that this person is "Not in Harmony",...but, it is more important to be oneself....NOT to control oneself to the extent of appearing to be another type of person. You should be happy being the person that you are...and always strive towards balance. If too much Red is introduced into the Yellow, one may lean to a more than healthy interest in money, possessing property, and security. If too much Orange is introduced into the Yellow, there may be excessive interest in sex, food and drugs. These are usually the trials here on Earth, but, if we are able to balance ourselves in this respect, we have come quite far in our evolution. Yellow effects PHYSICALLY...Yellow sends good energy to aid in digestion, constipation, flatulance in the intestines, Liver problems, Diabetes and skin problems. Yellow energy helps cleanse billions of pores in the skin. MENTALLY...Yellow gives clarity of thought. It facilitates good ideas and increases awareness. It has a powerful effect on the Nervous system and it helps left brained operations, such as reading and writing. Yellow stimulates the use of words and imagination. Yellow energy is good for children, as it enhances their ability to perceive and understand. Too much Yellow causes diarrhea and insomnia. Mentally ill people may become very irritated around the color Yellow. This color should not be used in mental institutions. The POSITIVE Side of Yellow...good humored, optimistic, confident, clear thinking, wide horizens. The NEGATIVE side of Yellow...lies, flattery, excesses, pessimistic, sly, cowardly, skeptical. Yellow energy may HELP feel nervous, you are melancholic or a little sad, you have skin dis-eases, you have parasites, you have weight problms (to much OR too little), you are dissatisfied, you have flatulance, you have poor digestion. It is a wonderful Brain stimulant. You should NOT USE Yellow are suffereing from a nervous disorder, or have problems. Yellow BATHS...mix a tiny bit of Green with the Yellow and the bath becomes an active renewer of the whole organism. It helps the body to get rid of toxins. Yellow ESSENTIAL OILS...rosemary is refreshing and may help with the normalization of low blood pressure. It helps with poor memory and stimulates the glands of the Digestive system. It helps to relax cramps connectd with stomach, intestines and gallbladder. Rosemary Oil is very stimulating and should not be used at night time for baths. It you want a powerful and effective bath try 5 drops of Rosemary, 2 drops of Sage, and 1 drop Pine Oil. Another good oil is Bergamot. It is utilized in poor digestion, eczema and insect bites. Yellow AFFIRMATION..."Let the energy of the Son/Sun flow thru me and bring Gods wisdom and love into my body and Spirit". Yellow TIPS...Libraries and Reading rooms functions well in a Yellow color, but, some green and violet will help with concentration. Yellow may be used anywhere in the house where you want pleasant and happy surroundings. It is excellent in a room where you entertain guests. Yellow CLOTHING...with Yellow clothing, you express optimism and self-confidence that attracts other people. Like sunshine, you may display your personality. Your expression is on a mental level. TOO MUCH may become restless and overdo you activities. Yellow FOODS...peppers, grapefruit, corn, melons, bananas, lemons, eggs, olive oil and squash. The ASTROLOGICAL SIGN and PLANET of Yellow...The Astrological sign for Yellow = Leo, Planet = Sun. The energy of Yellow/Green = Virgo, Planet = Mercury. Sunday is a Yellow day. Yellow CRYSTALS...citrine, calcite, jade, pyrite, amber, onyx, sulphur, tigers eye and yellow diamonds. Do the Yellow experiment for yourself. Get a Yellow lightbulb (a bug light will do nicely). Block out all the light (obviously night time is alot easier). Turn on the Yellow light and just breathe in and out slowly. Visualize the Yellow light coming into your body and refreshing you. Do this for 10 to 15 minutes. Then, journal what you have experienced. The Spectro-chrome color is Yellow. It's equivilent frequency is 464.4. The musical note it corresponds to it A#. It's music note frequency is 466. Elements that Yellow predominates over...Beryllium, Carbon, Iridium, Magnesium, Molybdenum, Osmium, Palladium, Platinum, Rhenium, Rhodium, Ruthenium, Sodium, Tin, Tungsten. (Yellow/Green) Cerium, Iron, Protoactinium, Thorium, Germanium, Lanthanum, Samarium, Titanium, Gold, Neodymium, Scandium, Uranium, Zirconium, Hafnium, Phosphorus, Silver, Vanadium, Iodine, Praseodymium, Sulphur and Yttrium. Have fun and remember..."Be the Color"..."Be the Sound" Aeva

How the Color or Vibration Orange effects you!

ORANGE is the color of the second energy center. It is located right over the Bladder. Another name for the ORANGE energy center is the Splenic chakra. It is a Lung and Respiratory stimulant and, acts as a decongestant. It builds and stimulates the Thyroid, while supressing the Parathyroid. It relieves cramps and muscle spasms. ORANGE will stimulate the breasts to increase milk porduction. It builds bone density and stimulates tissue growth. it is the Color of joy, and energy and the love of companionship. It will restore a lost appetite. It helps to relieve gas, convulsions, spastic colon and intestinal problems. One of its best uses, is for the relief of severe menstrual cramps. ORANGE is also the combination of RED and YELLOW, so, it stimulates these chakras as well. People who like the color ORANGE, "love life". Many people do not like the color ORANGE, but, like it or not, we all NEED it. ORANGE is the best stimulant and help in times of depression, lonliness and boredom. On the whole, ORANGE is the best E-motional stimulant in color therapy. Real joy, comes from deep within. We all NEED joy. The color ORANGE helps to fascilitate the ex-pression of joy. The color ORANGE gets "the love energies" from the RED and "the wisdom energies" from the YELLOW. It strengthens your confidence and independence. "A sound mind is a sound body", is an expression that fits the ORANGE color. Balance is important the misuse of food, stimulants of any form, all luxury, belongs under the reign of the domain of the ORANGE or Splenic chakra. Extreme asceticism: be it in food, sex, or sport activities, shows a chakra very out of balance. Vegetarians, for instance, need ORANGE energy. After all, if we were not meant to eat clean, organic meats: why would we be able to digest them" How the color ORANGE effects you: PHYSICALLY...the Splenic chakra gives energy to the bronchia, chest dis-eases, disturbances in the Spleen, Kidney ailments and Gallstone problems. It increases the intake of O2, helps your lungs and releases flatulance. MENTALLY...the Splenic chakra gives energy to remove supression and inhibitions. It helps expand ones horizons and create new ideas. Like the RED energy, ORANGE gives the power and courage to tackle everyday situations. In using ORANGE, one can learn to understand how the stomach tells us about our situation. The Stomach often gives us the first warning that something is wrong, for instance in an infection. If our Splenic chakra is in balance, we are able to enjoy our existance-take life as it is, without asking for more than we can handle. Children often have fine ORANGE energy. They have the energy to enjoy life spontaneously, and enjoy their play. If you have to much RED in the ORANGE, you become angry and inconsiderate. Too much YELLOW, you become quarrelous and impossible to live with. You may have a "nervous stomach" if you cannot control your feelings. If there is an excess of ORANGE, you become easily affected by what other people think, or feel, or mean. You forget to be yourself in a wish to satisfy others. The ORANGE energy center houses the OLD E-Motions we have not dealt with....or have dealt with badly. The ORANGE light therapy brings them up for you to gently move and ex-press. The POSITIVE SIDE of ORANGE, enthusiasm, independent, sociable, fond of food, energetic, sporty, occupied with good health, self assured and constructive. The NEGATIVE SIDE of ORANGE ...proud, destructive, let OTHER PEOPLE clear things up, exhibitionist, bulimia, and misuse of alcohol. ORANGE ENERGY MAY HELP WHEN... you have chronic exzema, you have skin problems, you want to increase your appetite, you have vertical grooves in you nails, you need to bring out YOUR JOY, you need to have a feeling of well being, you lack a working SPIRIT, you have asthma or allergies. When you need a refreshing start to your day... take an ORANGE bath. About ORANGE BATHS... apricot is a wonderful color that refreshes you and makes you happy. Add less ORANGE color to the bath and you get apricot. ESSENTIAL OILS for ORANGE energy... melissa oil (the pure stuff is very pricey and difficult to get), strengthens the nerves when you have depression, melancholy, nervous heartbeats, headaches and migraines. If you wish an effective ORANGE bath, add 5 drops melissa, then add 1 drop of chamomile oil and 3 drops of lavendar have a wonderful relaxing bath. Another good aromatic oil is juniper. It cleanses the skin, good for psoriasis and exzema, and helps with greasy and acne skin types. It is also good for when you are worried, tired or weak. An ORANGE AFFIRMATION... "I am alive and well,.. with happiness and vitalilty flowing thru me continuously. I am willing to feel my old feelings and finally cherish them." ORANGE TIPS...when the color ORANGE is used in a room, it will create physical energy from the active vibrations of the RED, and Intellectual energy from the vibrations of the YELLOW. ORANGE is great for a room where family and friends gather. It is good in a room where you are going to read and study. ORANGE energizes creative spontaneous ideas. Too much ORANGE may cause self-pity. ORANGE CLOTHING... with ORANGE clothing, you express sincere joy and interest in others. ORANGE FOODS... oranges, apricots, peaches, melons, mangos, carrots and mandarin oranges. The ASTROLOGICAL SIGN and PLANET for ORANGE...RED/ORANGE sign = Taurus, the planet is Venus. YELLOW/ORANGE sign = Cancer, the planet is the Moon. ORANGE sign = Gemini, the planet is Mercury. Wednesday is an ORANGE DAY. ORANGE CRYSTAL...Orpiment, Cuprite, Dolomite, Orange Sapphires and Orange Jade. Why not try an ORANGE experiment. Get an ORANGE bulb. Wait till its very dark out and turn off all the lights. Turn on the ORANGE bulb and just sit and breathe in the ORANGE LIGHT for 10 to 15 minutes. Feel the ORANGE light come into your body, breathe slowly and calmly. Journal the effects of same. Spectro Chrome color =ORANGE. Equivalent frequency = 430.8. Orange corresponds to the musical note A. Its musical note frequency is 392. The Elements that ORANGE predominates over are... Aluminum, Copper, Antimony, Helium, Arsenic, Selenium, Boron, Silicon, Calcium and Xenon. Remember.... "Be the Color...Be the Sound"... Aeva

How the Color or Vibration RED effects you!

So, How does the color RED effect our Hue-Man Hologram/Body? RED is the color of the bottom or base energy center, or chakra. It stimulates the senses: hearing, sight, touch, taste and smell. It is a liver builder and stimulant. It stimulates the production of hemoglobin and platelets. The color RED causes rapid expulsion of debris THRU the skin; and may induce redness, itching and pimples...UNTIL the cleansing is completed. It is used as a counter-agent for burns from X-rays, Ultraviolet light etc. It is the "Seat of Hue-man Will" and creativity. Exposure to this color dissolves fears, worries and depression. It is a Sexual stimulant, and helps overcome impotance, frigidity and the loss of desire. The Root or Base chakra, is opposite the very bottom of the spine...and is governed by the color RED. It governs our Earthly life and creates an outgoing, positive and "yes to life" attitude. It is very important that the Root chakra be firmly grounded to the Earth. ALL goals that were never accomplished, are usually caused by lack of RED energy. To start understanding RED energy, you need to plant your feet firmly on the ground. You must look at yourself, and others, with love. The strongest RED energy is the power of reproduction. This is probably the RED energy we are most familiar with. The warm RED sexual energy sets the Root chakra spinning. The vibrations increase, as the energy moves toward the Heart and Throat chakras, and finally gives up the Yin/Yang balance-the mutual dependance and belonging, in THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS. RED energy is the power that provides creative energy on all levels. Everything that is to be commenced, all pioneering work, needs the life vitality of RED. PHYSICALLY...the RED ENERGY energizes the feet, the legs, the vagina, the urinary organs and the adrenal glands. MENTALLY...the RED ENERGY gives power to the strong life qualities of courage, self confidence, positive love and will power. RED well as clothing, red foods or should remember to strive for balance. This energy should NOT be overused. This is the energy you need to help the others function, in accordance with each other. The key here is BALANCE. The POSITIVE SIDE OF RED...courageous, strong willed, spontaneous, honest, grateful, forgiving, humanistic, extroverted. The NEGATIVE SIDE OF RED...domineering, arrogant, self-pitying, self-indulgent, quick tempered, impolite, passionate and brutal. RED energy MAY HELP...when you feel tired or indisposed, you are cold, starting a cold, you are anemic, you need courage and self-confidence, you need the warmth that increases you vital energies. You SHOULD NOT USE RED... when you are E-motionally out of whack, you are angry or excited, you have infections or wounds. About RED BATHS... on the should be cautious with RED baths. Take PINK ONES instead... more soothing. Small children should not get RED baths. However, difficult or restless children will benefit greatly by a ROSE or PINK bath. Children radiate the color ROSE from birth...the energy of kindness and love. It is at puberty that the color changes to RED. RED ESSENTIAL OILS for RED BATHS...Ylang Ylang is said to lower the blood pressure, calm the Heart and is altogether relaxing. It is a great oil for alleviating fears. It is sexually stimulating. Add 5 to 6 drops of fine, pure essential oil to a bath. RED AFFIRMATION..."let the RED ENERGY of the Mother...the MA Ray...flow thru me with new life and the courage to do everything I wish to do". RED TIPS...RED is a good color for playrooms. It increases excitement and physical activity. It also increases passion. RED at the work place especially where risk handling takes NOT ADVISED. Accidents may occur when RED is in the picture. RED should not be used where peace and concentration should prevail. RED CLOTHING...with RED we show a vital and somewhat passionate image of independence. But, it may also come across as too aggressive. RED FOODS...if you want more energy, you may wish to eat foods that are RED. Like...Red cabbage, peppers, meats, cayenne pepper, tomatoes, cherries and red skinned fruits. The ASTROLOGICAL SIGN and PLANET for the color RED...Sign = Aries, Planet = Mars, Tuesday is a RED DAY. RED CRYSTALS...Red Calcite, Ruby, Red Coral, Red Jade, Vanadinite, Red Garnet, Red Amber and Red Tigers Eye. A RED EXPERIMENT...get yourself a RED lightbulb. When it is dark, turn out all the lights in the room. Turn on the RED light and just sit in its glow. Breathe in the RED color.."BE" the RED color. Keep your eyes open and completely immerse yourself in the RED light. Breathe the RED vibration in, slowly and deeply. Do this for about 15 minutes. Journal what your reactions are. Because the Color RED vibrates at a certain equals a specific Sound and/or TONE. Spectro Chrome Color = RED. Equivilent Frequency is 397.3. Music note = G. Music note frequency = 392. The color RED also governs certain elements. REDS ELEMENTS = Cadmium, Hydrogen, Krypton and Neon.

All about the Sound Meditation CDs and DVDs for you!

"Sound Sound Sound" is a made-for-TV, one hour DVD lecture given by Internationally Acclaimed Researcher, Lecturer, Writer and Color and Sound Practitioner, Aeva Wheet RN. This live presentation is a great tool for beginners and advanced students alike. The DVD teaches the many ways that SOUND affects you. Included, are simple, but profound techniques to 1) Stimulate the immune system, 2) Calm the E-Motions (energy motions), 3) Increase Mental clarity, 4) Dramatically reduce stress and 5) Raise your consiousncess level. Also included, why most Spiritual Practices contain some type of Music, Chanting or Singing, PLUS Sound techniques of the Ancient Mystery Schools ( Enochian, Egyptian, Druidic, Gnostic and Essene ). Aeva shares the "6 Secret Sounds" of the Oriental Masters for Inner Balance and the use of "Sacred Harp Music" ( vocal tonations used by some Sects to attain ecstatic states ). There is also info on "Tuning up with Tuning Forks", the use of Sound with Crystals, and much much more. This one-of-a-kind presentation can be shipped Internationally for $20.00 plus S and H. USA and Canada $4.00/other $5.00. This DVD is one of 2 lectures offered by Aeva @ The other is entitled Color and Sound as Healing Modalities. For those of you who don't need the lecture, who just wish to BECOME THE COLOR and BECOME THE SOUND...check out the 3 Toning and Chanting CD's Aeva has to offer. Vol 1 Ecstasy is a Frequency, Vol 2 AngelTones, and Vol 3 Sacred Chants and Tones. Remember to "Be the Color....Be the Sound"...Aeva

All about the Sound Meditation CDs and DVDs for you!

"Color and Sound as Healing Modalities" is a one hour lecture on DVD, made for Cable TV. Given by Internationally Acclaimed Researcher, Lecturer, Writer and Color and Sound Practitioner Aeva Wheet RN...this teaching presents very simple, but profound techniques that initiate, accelerate and support the bodies own natural healing processes. With 22 years of experience in Color and Sound Attunements, Aeva Wheet RN demonstrates many many techniques that are non-invasive, safe and highly effective (they are also lots of fun to do and have done). Topics discussed include Vocal Tonation (using your voice to attain a higher rate of vibration), Electromagnetic Healing (with the use of crystals, toning and tuning forks), Advanced Crystal Layouts (haven't you been wondering what to DO with all those crystals anyway??), Gem Elixers (using Crystals to electrostatically charge water for bathing and ingestion), Hydrochromotherapy (the use of Colored light to Electrostatically charge water for bathing and ingestion), Spectrochrometry (the use of Colored Light) and much much more. This incredible DVD is available to be shipped Internationally for $20.00 plus S and H directly from Aeva @ USA and Canada $4.00 International $5.00. If you find this topic interesting, you might like the Sound Sound Sound DVD as well. Or, if lectures are not for you....why not try Toning and Chanting along with the three CD's Aeva has to offer. Vol 1 is Ecstasy is a Frequency, Vol 2 is Angeltones and Vol 3 is Sacred Chants and Tones (#3 is everyones favorite and the one used during Color and Sound attunements with Aeva).

All about the Sound Meditation CDs and DVDs for you!

Something about Color and Sound "Sound Meditation" CDs by Aeva. Internationally acclaimed Researcher, Writer, Lecturer, and Color and Sound Practitioner, Aeva Wheet RN, has created 3 CDs (so far), to assist you in your quest for Energetic balance and Spiritual alignment. Volume 3 is titled "Sacred Chants and Tones". These totally unique CDs were created by, and are being sold exclusively on E Bay by, Aeva Wheet RN. "Sacred Chants and Tones" is everyones favorite to date. It is the CD that is used in conjunction with live Vocal Tonations and Tuning Fork Tune-Ups. As the CD plays, and you relax more and more, you become immersed in the sound. Much as a Martial Artist uses Sound to concentrate Energy to break boards and bricks, Sound can be used to break up blockages in the HUE-MAN form. Dis-ease is nothing more than the restriction of energy flow. Eventually, you will start to "BECOME the SOUND". You become more and more aware of the electrical pulses flowing thru your body with each use. This increased flow of energy (or CHI as the Chinese masters call it) charges and balances the entire electrical system. It is extremely relaxing and energizing at the same time. Tonation took many many years to learn and there is still so much more to Master. Sometimes, they are not exactly "Easy Listening". They are NOT Music perse. They are SOUND ATTUNEMENTS. The Key here is to continually, and incrementally, increase the vibration of the HUE-MAN electrical field. This CD contains not only Vocal Tonations, but, Chanting in many languages. All 3 of these incredible CDs are available to be shipped world wide. The cost is $10.00 plus S and H (USA and Canada $4.00, International $5.00). They are available @ If you enjoy Vol 3 "Sacred Chants and Tones" by Aeva...why not check out Vol 1 "Ecstasy is a Frequency" or Vol 2 "AngelTones". Remember Toning is NOT a learned is totally natural. It comes from each persons Heart. Have fun Toning and Chanting and remember....."Be the Color...Be the Sound".....Aeva

All about the Sound Meditation CDs and DVDs for you!

Something about Color and Sound "Sound Meditation" CDs by Aeva. Internationally Acclaimed Researcher, Lecturer, Writer and Color and Sound Practitioner, Aeva Wheet RN has created 3 CDs (so far) to assist you in your quest for energetic balance. The second of these One-Of-A-Kind CDs, (Vol 2) is titled "AngelTones". Toning CDs were created by, and are being sold exclusively by Aeva, on E Bay. "AngelTones" was designed more as a Consciousness raising tool. It's goal is to help you create inner Peace, increased mental clarity, and, to develop deeper states of awareness. It consists of all Vocal Tonations. It is NOT Music...although most find it very harmonic. It is an Attunement CD, meant to vibrate your electrical field at a higher rate. The more in balance your HUE-MAN form is...the more of your Spirit you can connect with. When using these CDs please take the time to do so properly. Unplug the phone, take the dogs out first, make the time to just be "Still". It is in this "Stillness" that God communicates with you. There is a beautiful Essene prayer that says, "Be Still...and know that I AM God". Choose a place that is clear of commotion...a "No Strife Zone" shall we say. Get comfortable and start the CD (earphones are fine). As the CD plays, try and "Become the Sound". If you are drawn to Tone along, the effects are amplified. It's the increase in Vibration that is Key here. It takes about 30 days of Toning to see a dramatic change, but, you will feel the effects the very first time you do it. You can do this with others and children LOVE to Tone. Please do NOT use these CDs in the car. Toning is NOT a learned comes from inside you and is totally natural. These CDs are truely unique and can be shipped anywhere in the world. The cost is $10.00 plus S and H (USA and Canada $4.00, International $5.00) @ If you enjoy "AngelTones", why not check out the other CDs by Aeva. Vol 1 "Ecstasy is a Frequency" and Vol 3 is"Sacred Chants and Tones". Or, check out Aeva's Hour Long, "Made-for-TV" lectures on DVD..."Color and Sound as Healing Modalities" and "Sound Sound Sound". Have fun Toning and Enjoy.....Aeva And remember..."Be the Color...Be the Sound"

All about the Sound Meditation CDs and DVDs for you!

"Ecstasy is a Frequency" is the 1st in a series of 3 Meditation and Vibrational Attunement CDs, created by Internationally acclaimed Researcher-Lecturer-Writer and Practitioner of Color and Sound Attunements, Aeva Wheet RN (since 1987). This CD was designed to align all 7 Chakras and the 5 Electrical Bodies of the Hue-Man Hologram (Mental, Spiritual, E-Motional, Physical and Etheric). The Vocal Tonations on this CD seek out any imbalances, gently move the blockages and rebalance the electrical meridiens. Color and Sound Attunement CDs were created to help you attain deeper and deeper states of Meditation as well. It is in this state of deeper stillness, that the Hue-Man form comes into alignment with its own Spirit or God Presence. The more in balance you are, the more you connect with your Spirit. When using these CDs, please make the time to use them properly. Unplug the phone, take the dogs out first, make the time to "Be Still". It is in "the Stillness", that your Spirit communicates with you. There is a beautiful "Essene" Prayer that says, "Be Still...and Know that I AM God". Choose a place that is clear of commotion...a "No Strife Zone" shall we say. Light a candle, burn your favorite incense. Get comfortable and start the CD (earphones are fine). As the CD plays, try and "Become the Sound". If you are drawn to Tone along, the effects are amplified. It's the increase in Vibration that is key here. It takes about 30 days of Toning to see a serious change. But, you will feel the effects the very first time you do it. You don't have to tone along with the CD for it work, but, it is recommended. You can do this with others..and, children love to Tone. Please "DO NOT" use these CDs while driving, as they alter your state of consciousness. Toning is not a learned thing. It comes from inside you and is totally natural. Have fun Toning and remember each TONE=A COLOR. These incredible CDs can be shipped anywhere in the world. They are sold exclusively by their creator Aeva Wheet @ for $10.00. Add $4.00 shipping for anywhere in the U.S.A or Canada, $5.00 otherwise.