Thursday, August 22, 2013

In the early 80s, I had a death experience, it was in the presence of friends one of whom was a noted teacher at Harvard Medical school...she taught Anatomy and Physiology. I had never heard the term walk in nor was I ever involved in any type of spiritual practice. My philosophy kind to everyone, treat them the way you wish to be treated. I was an RN at the time...still am. After a nice evening of hanging out, I started to feel very very odd. I thought I should lie down cause I could not feel the chair under my butt, and everything in the room went GOLD like there was a gold filter over everything. I thought I was dying, having a stroke or something. Zoe (the Doc from Harvard) saw me into the back room and I lay on my bed. There were 6 people there including my husband. for some reason I asked that they not touch me no matter what and then I could feel my breathing and my heart just sort of slowing down and stopping. I remember thinking...if this is dying and dead, this isnt that bad. I felt like I always had, just no body. I had my individual memories, feelings etc. I was looking down at myself and it was kind of odd but not scary at all. I could see all my friends watching and  my husband telling them do as she asked...dont touch her. There were BEings there, I did not feel scared, freaked out...just curious. Then, a voice said, I have plans for you wish to stay here in eternal peace or go back and do your purpose. I thought, ok it would be a waste to not go back and do what was planned for I asked how do I go back please. I heard, think RED as RED is the color of Divine Will. Suddenly everything went Blood Red and I was aware of my breathing and my heart slowly slowly starting up again with no effort. When I regained consciousness, they were all still standing there with very strange looks on their faces and my hsuband came over and hugged me so tight I thought I was gonna burst. I said to Doctor Zoe..that felt like a LONG TIME to be gone....many minutes. Thanks for not touching me and allowing me to go thru whatever it is I went thru. I assumed it had been 4 or 5 minutes. She said the only reason that she didnt call an ambulance was because even with the duration of the incident, I was not cyanotic nor did I seem in distress. Then she told me it had been 45 minutes and that what she had just witnessed was physiologically impossible and that if she had not witnessed it with her own eyes she would not have deemed it possible. They all wanted to have me tell them what I experienced, but I was floaty and out of it and just wanted to be alone and process what had happened to me. As days went on,  I did NOT want to talk about it, not even with my husband. I felt better than i had ever felt in my life and felt a feeling of vibration thruout my body that felt like a soft hum. I started to meditate after that, something I had never ever done in my life. And I started to have memories of doing things with my hands and using colored lights and sound to move energy around. I spent the next 15 years pioneering and researching and lecturing about practicing Sound and Light Attunements. I have lectured at Harvard and Brown Universities and continue to do so to this day. I dont talk about it on FB much. But at times I find others who have experienced interesting experiences and will share if asked. Thats just a bit of what happened...but, its the basics.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Good Sunday morning all. Well, more information pours in, as the energy shifts and shifts and shifts...and its ALL good. The target is the Heart Chakra this time. For those of you who dont know what a chakra is...they are the energy centers of the body that whirl to adjust the energies. There are 7 of them connected to the Hue-Man form. They are like a Hue-man Rainbow...each absorbing one of the colors. The bottom is red...the next is orange etc. The Heart Chakra is the one in the middle (its Green) is the great equilibrator. It balances the entire energetic system. When its out of whack...YOU are out of whack. The Heart Chakra is concerned with Feelings. (I will post all about Green right after I tell you the information K??) The Heart Center is now opening in a way it hasnt in eons..and this is a GOOD THING trust me O:) But, as it opens...anything blocking your Heart will come up to be felt. If you have feelings over the next few weeks and you just dont know where they are coming from (sadness, hatefullness, jealousy, anger) just feel them and then go back to joy and peace and happiness. This is a good thing..although it may not FEEL good at the time youre EX-pressing it. These feelings are stuck in your body and they NEED TO let er rip. As you move these negatively polarized feelings out of your Heart...more and more good stuff can come in...more and more good feelings to be felt. Its all good. Just let these feelings MOVE. The Angels are busily sending us GREEN energy..this is healing and balancing. If you feel more and more balanced...this means youre doing a good job of feeling these feelings and letting them go. If not...hang on...let em come up...feel em...and move on. I will post the info as I get it. Hugs all and much love. O:)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Resistance is Futile...

Hello All...Still getting information about the New Years energies...and all the energetic shifting taking place...The Angels say...where ever you are in resistance will be made VERY evident to you over the next few weeks (thru February actually). What does this mean?? All of us have some resistance in one way or another that prevents our Holy Spirits from coming thru our bodies. Resistance comes in many forms, and whatever form YOURS comes in, will be made very plain to you, so you can let it go. If you DONT let your resistance to your Holy Spirit go...what will happen? Your resistance will grow and grow, and be in your face, until you feel its time to let it go and allow your Spirit to come thru your Hue-man form. This involves a whole new way of living your life...a more spontaneous way of living your life. A way where you are drawn by your Spirit to do or say something...and you follow your feeling to do so. This is a learned and practiced process, so try not to get frustrated when practicing this. Mind will try and get into over thinking and reasoning with you that you cannot listen to your Spirit...for one reason or another. Just ask mind to is a new way to respond. Mind is like the computer of the can only respond with the programs it has installed. Spirit, on the other hand, responds from Infinite Light. It knows what is best for YOU (and this is where the dont follow others or get information from others comes in). What is best for YOU, may not be what is best for others. Just trust YOUR HOLY SPIRIT to know what is best for YOU and FOLLOW YOUR SPIRIT WITHOUT HESITATION AND JUDGEMENT. As the Borg would say...resistance is futile lol. You can resist all you wish to resist...after all we have free will here. Earth is a FREE WILL experiment shall we say. But as we vibrate faster and faster, more and more light comes into our Hue-man forms and our Holograms shift genetically. As this happens, whatever resistance we have to our Spirits coming thru our bodies all the time, or melding with our bodies, will become more and more evident. What you resist you empower..just ASK YOUR HOLY SPIRIT to release your resistance. Then trust it will do so...cause IT WILL lol. Hope this helps a bit and wherever your body is hurting or aching etc...this is where your resistance has lodged itself. Why not try sitting and still and just see light going to those places. If you REALLY want to move this process along...HUM or TONE while meditating. The faster you vibrate...the faster the resistance moves. Hugaroonies all...sending lovies and wishing you a resistance free life. O:)
Happy New year all...even though I dont often speak of my connection to the other side..the Angels and our ET brothers and sisters...I am so very pleased to share this information with you all. We have done well as a species...we are shifting quickly ALL OF US. Enough of us have shifted far enough, to start affecting the entire planet. The Angelic realm has received permission to release what I would refer to as a "Light Virus" lol. This affects us ALL in the etheric 5D...where our Holy Spirits reside. Our Hue-man form resides in 3D and our Spirit form is in 5D. Our Spirit form projects its light down into 3D and the force of physics (gravity etc) creates our Hue-man Hologram. This "Light Virus" will rapidly infect us ALL and jump our genetics immensely. EVERYONE will receive this Genetic jump start and start to feel its effects VERY the end of the week to be exact. Each Hue-man BE-ing will receive as much light as their electrical systems can handle without burning it out. A simple way to explain it would be to say you can only run 440 thru 440 wiring. So, each Hue-man BE-ing will receive as much light as they can handle without it overloading their electrical units. Those who dwell in darkness with either move the darkness or not exist much longer. This is such heartening news...that I decided to share this information. Be VERY thankful to God/Goddess this will move so much crap off this planet that things will shift dramatically in front of our eyes. Things may APPEAR to get worse for a few weeks or months...but, when you take antibiotics...sometimes you feel worse for a bit. Take heart...God, our FATHER/MOTHER loves us ALL. The time for duality is almost over...and LOVE shall reign forever and ever. This transmission is over O:)