Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New year all...even though I dont often speak of my connection to the other side..the Angels and our ET brothers and sisters...I am so very pleased to share this information with you all. We have done well as a species...we are shifting quickly ALL OF US. Enough of us have shifted far enough, to start affecting the entire planet. The Angelic realm has received permission to release what I would refer to as a "Light Virus" lol. This affects us ALL in the etheric 5D...where our Holy Spirits reside. Our Hue-man form resides in 3D and our Spirit form is in 5D. Our Spirit form projects its light down into 3D and the force of physics (gravity etc) creates our Hue-man Hologram. This "Light Virus" will rapidly infect us ALL and jump our genetics immensely. EVERYONE will receive this Genetic jump start and start to feel its effects VERY the end of the week to be exact. Each Hue-man BE-ing will receive as much light as their electrical systems can handle without burning it out. A simple way to explain it would be to say you can only run 440 thru 440 wiring. So, each Hue-man BE-ing will receive as much light as they can handle without it overloading their electrical units. Those who dwell in darkness with either move the darkness or not exist much longer. This is such heartening news...that I decided to share this information. Be VERY thankful to God/Goddess this will move so much crap off this planet that things will shift dramatically in front of our eyes. Things may APPEAR to get worse for a few weeks or months...but, when you take antibiotics...sometimes you feel worse for a bit. Take heart...God, our FATHER/MOTHER loves us ALL. The time for duality is almost over...and LOVE shall reign forever and ever. This transmission is over O:)

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