Thursday, April 30, 2009

Please allow me to introduce myself, I am Aeva.

I pioneered and researched how Color and Sound can be used as "Healing Modalities", for over 25 years (still do). I also lecture, write about, and practice "Color and Sound attunements" in a thriving practice on Cape Cod. My Sound Meditation CDs, and DVD lectures (created for TV), have been picked up for International Distribution and will be available soon worldwide. They are currently available thru the our E bay Webstore at The webstore also features the creative side of the same research...hand made, one of a kind Artisans Jewelry (which includes the information regarding what the gemstones are used for energetically), hand cut out and muraled Designer Screens, Meditation paintings, Museum Quality Portraiture by National Design Award Winner Evon Wheet, and much much more. So please...check out our extensive Webstore at or for slide shows of everything under the sun that Aeva and her husband Evon do...check out her myspace site at We add new pieces frequently to the Antiques and Collectibles section, the Jewelry section is chock full of hundreds of pieces to check out...AND, I just added a whole new line of ANGEL JEWELRY that you're going to love. Pet Jewelry (for Pets AND Owners), Goddess Jewelry, Chakra Balancing Jewelry...and an ever growing line of Jewelry by Profession. What do YOU do?? See you there...enjoy! to shop direct!