Sunday, January 6, 2013

Good Sunday morning all. Well, more information pours in, as the energy shifts and shifts and shifts...and its ALL good. The target is the Heart Chakra this time. For those of you who dont know what a chakra is...they are the energy centers of the body that whirl to adjust the energies. There are 7 of them connected to the Hue-Man form. They are like a Hue-man Rainbow...each absorbing one of the colors. The bottom is red...the next is orange etc. The Heart Chakra is the one in the middle (its Green) is the great equilibrator. It balances the entire energetic system. When its out of whack...YOU are out of whack. The Heart Chakra is concerned with Feelings. (I will post all about Green right after I tell you the information K??) The Heart Center is now opening in a way it hasnt in eons..and this is a GOOD THING trust me O:) But, as it opens...anything blocking your Heart will come up to be felt. If you have feelings over the next few weeks and you just dont know where they are coming from (sadness, hatefullness, jealousy, anger) just feel them and then go back to joy and peace and happiness. This is a good thing..although it may not FEEL good at the time youre EX-pressing it. These feelings are stuck in your body and they NEED TO let er rip. As you move these negatively polarized feelings out of your Heart...more and more good stuff can come in...more and more good feelings to be felt. Its all good. Just let these feelings MOVE. The Angels are busily sending us GREEN energy..this is healing and balancing. If you feel more and more balanced...this means youre doing a good job of feeling these feelings and letting them go. If not...hang on...let em come up...feel em...and move on. I will post the info as I get it. Hugs all and much love. O:)

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